Hi from Belgie

What a great place,

nice to be here,

thank y´all



Welcome to the forum community!


I’ve done my bit of research and concluded that Cardano is ‘the real deal’. However, there are still other coins I will study.

In the early beginning of Bitcoin I’d seen youtube vids explaining how revolutionary this is and it made a lot of sense to me. And I could slap myself in the face for not buying a small amount and be a millionaire right now, but that is not the main thing to me.

Yeah, so, good luck to y’all.

Meanwhile someone should make a parody of Curtis Stigers - I wonder why …

For example:

And I wonder why we hodl on
with ADA-signs in our eyes


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I like to watch other coins also and there are some I think have merit and a future in the world, and with cross chain development being done there will be several coins that hold weight moving forward - I cannot study all of them though cause it is just to much work.

I don’t know why I never discovered Curtis Stigers until now, I could see a good parody, would be sweet!
I kind of like: Your all that matters to me.

and the intro reminds me of IOHK’s Symphony Of Blockchains https://iohk.io/