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…enjoyed the price spiking tonight but philosophy behind Cardano is the most exciting thing…


@enzian isn’t it dope!

Absolutely! I like thinking of Cardano inline with some of the thinking of Andreas Antonopoulos.

Welcome @enzian :slight_smile:

@jonmoss - thank you. I’ve just signed up for your email. I’m looking forward to the discourse and wish you much success in your role with Cardano :relaxed:

@enzian Thanks Mark! :smiley:

Hallo! Wie geht’s dir? :slight_smile:

Hi CyberHek,
Mir gehts gut aber mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut:frowning_face:

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Hi @enzian , welcome to Cardano :cardano:

Thank you @tom.kelly
What is the vibe within the Cardano team as a result of the ADA price movements in the past couple of days?

Hi Enzian, sorry I didn’t understand what you mean with "I like thinking of Cardano inline with some of the thinking of Andreas Antonopoulos"
Could you briefly explain please

Hi @Adam_nm
Andreas A. is technologist who is very pro ‘bitcoin’. He posits that currency is a form of language and compares the bitcoin revolution to technology changes from the past, e.g. horses to cars, gas to electricity, voice telecoms to data telecoms. He makes interesting observations about the inversion of the infrastructure of the old technologies versus the infrastructure needed for the new technologies.
He seems to be realistic about how long change on the scale bitcoin offers can take.

I make the comparison to Cardano because I feel a part of the philosophy is to embrace the utility of bitcoin while overcoming the inherent technical limitations of bitcoin and also offering a way to work with existing institutions…plus much more.

Anyway, check out his website, there’s a lot of talks available and his book, "The Internet of Money’ is a good read.

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Thank you very much enzian for this very good explanation

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@enzian fantastic post! I really appreciate you sharing stuff like this with us! :slight_smile:

@tom.kelly Thank you, always nice to get +ve feedback.

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@enzian :+1:

Hello @enzian. I see you are based in Munich. Should we try to catch up for a coffee?

Hallo @CyberHek. Bist du ein Münchner? Ich suche Leute, die sich für Cardano interessieren und mit wem ich mich treffen könnte. VG.