Will Cardano be ridiculously OVERPOWERED in the future?

If yes, in what way?

Think of “OP,” in superhero terms…in what way will Cardano absolutely dominate the space once the project is fully completed

overpowered in what sense?

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Competition, compared to other crypto’s

They have a leg up against most if not all of their competitors in terms of tech. That’s just step one. The rest is how will they attract and integrate with the world that’s “behind” in terms of technology. In the broadest sense it’s too early to talk about “overpowered” just yet, as far as I am concerned. Now show me a country/central bank that integrates Cardano into their economy in some way… and stays that way for 5-10 years without a hitch. Then you’ve something ‘overpowering’ to write home about. We ain’t there yet.


Most likely :sweat_smile:
This question reminds me of some of the Over Engineering I have seen at work, and having worked alongside Engineers they never give a really good reason for why they chose to over engineer something - you might hear them say something like “it was just easier”, so I suppose in delivering a robust product some of the Engineers working on this project will add overpowered qualities that are not a necassity but as a matter of developing it is easier, in my experience it has never been a bad situation.

On this point I can say, it does seem to have a very good head start.

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This is what I am thinking when it comes to Cardano, overpowered and superheroes!!


Wipe out half the crypto’s! Then everything will be balanced :rofl:

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Overpower $0.001? Yess it will $0.04 in the future.

Depends what do you call “ridiculously overpriced”. Current market cap is ~1B for ADA technology which hardly anyone is using and is not completed yet, for comparison yearly National Cancer Institute budget for research is 5B.
I think it is currently overpriced several orders of magnitude, like most of cryptos.

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It’s incubating…

image image

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It’s 0.0426 right now, I don’t get it…

You might have the best race car, this of course doesn’t mean you win the race …

While in tech Cardano might indeed grow stronger then competition, you can’t ignore how much adoption, partnerships, brand value, developer base, media coverage, influence, etc. some other competing crypto’s have achieved (especially Ethereum).

So once Shelley & Goguen is out Cardano enters the race for Developers, DAPPs, Community, Users, Media coverage, Startups, Government Relations, Enterprise, Merchants, etc. and it ain’t gonna be an easy one.

How the management of Cardano will excel with these new non-technology challenges determines our faith. There are many known & unknown risks ahead of us not to misjudge.

Let’s please walk with two feet on the ground. There is still tremendous hard work for the next 5-10 years ahead of Cardano where luck might also play quite a role.

IMO we need more modesty, humility & restrained thinking. It will also help setting reasonable expectations. Hype is never healthy.


Beautiful said, you’re absolutely right.
During hard times I feel I need to hype myself up and reconnect with the original vision to propelled myself forward…it’s not always healthy. Still dollar cost averaging since last year, at this point I’m running on fumes and the only thing that keeps me going is that vision. Got to stick to the plan, 1million :ada: before Shelly.


We feel the same Sean…

I don’t think we will see massive price increase with Shelley. I would estimate 20-30% at most depending on the level of media coverage it will reach.

Altcoins are still determined by BTC price and it will take institutional investment (large volume of smart money) to split them off.

IMO fresh money won’t come in soon into the space (regulation is still in early days).

And most people in crypto have already bought Cardano, hold their positions who expect Shelley release over the next couple of months.

ADA price will boom once institutional money comes in (and if it still looks sexy), which might easily be years alway, so you have time to accumulate, no worries.

Yep absolutely, I’m not expected any price increases before smart contracts. Utility will drive demand, I’m positioning myself for staking.

Dreaming of getting to the top echelon, the elusive 1%


Agreed. .02 is tops for me unless there is a serious uptick in adoption.

SpaceX have been working on something very Special.
To take the humanity to the new horizen that could help turn cardano into intergalactic currency.

Price = (1) market potential & (2) challenges and risks & (3) progress and readiness & (4) resources and assets & (5) competitive advantage and unique differentiators & (6) regulatory environment & (7) size and maturity of community & (8) ecosystem strength and diversity & (9) market maturity and size & (10) ratio of smart money and institutional money & (11) competence and network of executive management…

Just to name a few elements, which should determine the price.

As the potential is enormous, even a trillion USD marketcap for Cardano and 10 trillion for crypto this is what drives the speculative price.

I don’t think the comparison is good. You compare the weight of a race car and a cow.

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So where is that potential ?
In Africa :slight_smile: ? Undeveloped countries ?
Maybe potential is in energy efficient maintenance of block-chain ?
Or potential is in speed and scalability better than current centralized VISA servers ?
Maybe potential is in RL ADA coffee payments in obscure internet cafes/BnBs ?

Please be realistic with trillions :-P, unless someone is laundering money via crypto channels.

Don’t forget dApps and smart contracts, tokenization of resources, etc etc…don’t simply think of :cardano: as payment/remittance system. Think decentralized Facebook, Twitter, YouTube being build using Cardano, think of precious resources like gas, oil, gold, labor being tokenized with Cardano, think of them in international terms…with all those resources injected into the system, “trillions” is not only realistic…it’s inevitable.

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