Hello From Glasgow!


Hi to all forward thinkers!!! Just bought my first ADA tonight. From what i’ve read about Cardano i’m as exited as when i first heard about Bitcoin back in 2013. I sold out of Bitcoin recently and returned to fiat, feeling mania was taking over a block chain technology which IMO cannot fulfill a sustained future. However Ada and Cardano has inspired me to once again imagine a blockchain technology which can fulfill the goal of uniting the worlds future financial systems, providing everything that Bitcoin and other alt-coins cannot.
I no longer hold Bitcoin and am all in on Cardano. I can only say this is a cathartic experience after years of Bitcoin adoption. Good luck to us all!


Welcome @BTCOP Richard! :slight_smile:


Wow. Knowing you’ve traded Bitcoin and gone all in on Cardano is an amazing vote of confidence in the Technology. Best wishes and good luck for the future.


Hi bud hope you enjoy the forum… These guys on here know everything… Very helpful :+1:


Welcome from North Wales


Welcome to the forums. I also dumped all my BTC and BCC. This is the coin of the future. I remember asking for Bitcoin for Christmas back in 2011… this year, I’m asking for Cardano!


Let’s hope it’s the present that keeps on giving!