Hello to all of you!


Hello all.

I am from Germany and I have just recently joined this forum although I am a follower of Cardano for quite a while now.
Cardano for me is the blockchain protocol; peer reviewed by universities is what makes it the best for me as a long term technology + it obviously has many more advantages.
Furthermore, IOHK has the best team out there IMO.

I am happy to join you in here and am looking forward to having some good discussions.



Welcome @block-t

I’m looking forward to exploring your views.



I hear Germans like beer. Any truth to that? :grinning:


Haha, many people yes :smiley: not all


Welcome @block-t


Welcome @block-t, nice to see you found your way to the forum, I’m also looking forward to having some good discussions :slight_smile:!


Germans also used to like diesel engines and be damn good at building them … Now they are the first ones to ban them :slight_smile:
Talk about shooting yourself in the leg :slight_smile: