Marketing Suggestions and words of encouragement

I see a lot of concerns about marketing (or lack there of) from Cardano. I have some suggestions and words of encouragement. I got into crypto wanting to build my personal wealth. I grew up poor and now is tired of being poor. When I entered in to crypto space last September I aggressively invested in Bitcoin, LTC and XRP. With XRP taking the majority of my holding to about $150k before the crash. I lost money on a stupid attempt to trade and I started to rethink my approach to crypto and what was the best decentralized plan, tech and project to invest in. That’s how I came across wanting to learn more about Cardano. I wanted to invest in ambition and Cardano was it.

We are investors in decentralization or decentralized platforms. I’m a media/journalism professor in a college in the US and I teach my students about narratives and being resourcesful.

  • We should start our community fact based marketing on all social media and content platforms (no shit talking about other projects) for Cardano ADA/Crypto Community to build the community. Ripple XRP has a lot of them…Hodor, Dre Ventures

  • Facts, Facts and more Facts that roughly explaining the tech and efforts of Cardano ADA being the best investment. No offense to IOHK people but most eager investors don’t know development lingo. (I do some programming but most don’t)

  • Most new investors don’t even know about PoS, shit even PoW. It’s on us to encourage them to hold, long as we are putting correct information out I’m sure the people at Cardano and IOHK wouldn’t mind.

  • Cardano is feared because it’s the most impressive project out now. We need to spread the information and news. This may encourage Cardano to be more active in marketing.

I even reached out to my school’s computers science department about blockchain tech and using Cardano as an example.


Hey dj, Turn it up!
Your enthusiasm for marketing Cardano is awesome, there are threads where cf members are involved in the conversation that you should be a part of, and even other threads that could benefit from your wisdom in the field and so I would like to welcome you to the forum - I can’t follow you like my twitter peep’s but I will look around for your contributions here :slight_smile: