Request a Cardano(Ada) concept to be made noob-friendly in short video form!

Hello there fellow crypto/Ada-lovers/future-oriented thinkers,

i’m looking to make some nood-friendly videos to help demistify crypto and general. but i need your help! let me know what concepts you’d like to see simplified/visualised which would give me a good indication of the sorta thing folks want/need to know.

it seems like the levels are quite varied here on the forum, as they are in most places online talking crypto come to think of it - but there’s a focus on cardano here which is beyond a monetary interest, a genuine interest in being part of pioneering of this third generation movement.

so, let the convo begin! :tada:

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I would be interested in helping you out with this, I will be making my own vids after I figure out what direction I want to take with them, but surely will lend you my thought’s on the matter.
I would like to see simple very well communicated video’s about “Why Cardano?” in laymen terms, if someone can communicate the reason that cardano is absolutely going to be a part of the future of crypto based on it being academic peer reviewed that would be awesome, a little history of academics being involved in the acceptance of past important developments would make for great highlight in the vid’s.

have you figured out the direction you want to head in yet? i’d be keen to hear, gleam some insight from your approach.

after months of letting it simmer i think i’ve arrived at one, taking inspiration from the classic “i’m a mac, i’m a pc” ads. this would allow for a quite simple format that would allow for a high level understanding through contrast comparisons. allowing for us as a community to communicate to and be understood by a wider array of folks.

from developer to designers, to mums and grandmas. which hopefully will help destigmatise and rehabilitate the negative branding image crypto has from the btc public image. allowing form the ecosystem to fruit and flourish!

should be getting some rough drafts out at some point within the month for feedback from the community.

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Well I have attempted several times to just turn on the camera and make video’s but have not come up with a strategy, lately I have had the chance to educate an interested party and answer some of their questions regarding cryptocurrency, I think i will try to apply some of what I learned in developing a random video, if I can get past whatever keeps holding me back from just turning on the camera.


yea, i know what you mean. it’s tricky cause there a number of barriers from the social awkwardness of seeing and hearing yourself to the practical structuring the narrative for the concept to be easily comprehensible.

but yea, i’ve been there and i feel that actually having to explain it irl actually positively challenges one’s own knowledge and ability to communicate the concepts concisely.

whilst it’s a great project, i reckon there need to be an incentive structure for community comms content - which i hope will be coming now with iohk and emurgo at the helm in the interim.

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I am in the older demographic, with no background in IT, code, etc, but am slowly learning, and I am an avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for the future, specifically Cardano and ADA. I do have management and strategic planning experience and have created training programmes in the past, and I’d recommend starting with a list of topics you’d like to present. If you would like anyone to provide some guidance or feedback, I’m happy to help.