Video content for beginners

Hi ‘newbies’,
If you’re new, exploring the world of Cardano can be a challenging feat. I am a content creator and discuss all crypto related news, and obviously Cardano. What type of topics do you want to see covered and more education around?
I think with the transition to Shelley, the community is about to get alot of attention and new people entering the space. I think having resources for them to learn current issues, questions and challenges will be immensely useful for the community.

Lets hear what type of content you were looking for when you first learned about Cardano.

-The Cryptoviser


Please feel free to create a thread on Reddit as well. I like this idea.

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Thanks @Andy_Hendrikx I’ll do that on the main Cardano subreddit shortly!

Great idea and thank you everyone for your continued feedback and ‘welcome’ to the Cardano family as I am officially a ‘Cardano Ambassador - Content Creator’.

Great to see you be part of the community The Cardanoviser :grin:
Here are some selfish suggestions

  • I know you’re more of into news stuff but it would be great to see normal people who aren’t programmers trying out the Plutus and Marlowe testnets. Maybe finish the Udemy courses and make a video of how your experience went.

  • Try running the testnet yourself and I want to hear from your perspective how difficult or easy it is to participate. Or maybe a guide in video form (or a redirect to videos)

  • Show your viewers some sites, resources, or other YT channels that cover some topics on Cardano a bit more in-depth such as Plutus/Haskell programming.

  • Talk about the research papers. A video covering just a single Cardano research paper, not necessarily going fully technical but more of an overview/summary of it, it’s importance and why is it needed for Cardano.

  • Also discuss some of the “side” Cardano stuff such as Syre, Tesseract, Helixworks, and Soshen.

  • It may also be fun to show a Cardano meme at the end of the video, but that’s just me.


Noted, and Thank You for your support, suggestions, and views. (Cardanoviser, maybe lol)

-The Cryptoviser

Cardano has so many facets it makes it hard for a beginner to get their arms around it. Making a relatively short video that explains the goals and solutions that Cardano presents would be great. A second video comparing Cardano features to other projects might be interesting for people as well.

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A video regarding why we stick with Cardano through thick and thin.

When I explain Cardano, (a 5 min pitch) I usually go through the difference starting with;
Gen 1. Bitcoin, transaction only. Uses PoW
Gen 2. Ethereum, add smart contracts to it + the non-public ledger don’t communicate with the ethereum public ledger. Uses PoW
Gen 3. Cardano. smart contracts for multiple languages + Atala which allows for communication towards public ledger. Will use PoS very soon

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