Poll: How do you like to learn about Cardano?


For digesting content on Cardano, which do you prefer?

  • to read forum summary posts about the latest videos
  • watch the actual videos

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Watch actual videos


Both. Sometimes I’m not in a place where I can watch a video. Sometimes I enjoy diving in and reading through the content.


Videos, because the summaries are late and of subpar quality. I don’t like that they’re basically transcripts of the videos, should be shorter and more coherent.


I like reading the summaries, I seem to skim past some of the info in the updates as I can’t understand it all anyway and its more difficult to skim through a video.
I thought I liked watching the video’s more but have found myself skipping them lately and have been reading more than watching, yet I will still watch a good video if it covers something I am not already familiar with.


If I had to pick one it would be videos but I look at both.


Definitely videos


The summaries coming out lately are excellent. Thanks @maki.mukai!


Both for me too.


Happy to hear that! If you ever have any suggestions, please do let me know :slight_smile: