Best Introduction Video to Cardano for Non-Blockchain Crowd?

I’m searching for our best A-Z video presentation of Cardano’s vision, capabilities and road map, to share with people in the Decentralized Governance space who are not into Blockchain.

Something that would help take them from the top, all the way through the ultimate plan (light on technicalities is np).

Something comprehensive and enticing for people who are willing to really listen.
Do we have some contenders for that? Hit me with your best shot!
Thanks All!
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I always liked Charles’s Ted talk to get people started:

Charles’ white board also a good one:

Here are some more:


You’re the best @Donnybaseball!
Dunno how I forgot you’re the eyes and ears of the forum :tophat::bouquet:.

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All of the ones suggested so far :+1:, also suggest Kaizen, some really nice intro videos, also quite a few are short videos so not too heavy for a newbie


Maybe there are a few useful videos on



Just ran across this video that I think would be great to give a new person a brief synopsis of the project:

Umed who just started that YouTube channel is a great guy also. The video above is an excerpt from his first episode. You can find it here as well as other clips:


These are all great guys! And I’ve selected a few to show.

However I’m still looking for THE ONE that really explains the vision of Cardano AND give some specifics on the “How”, but with a social, rather than technical focus. Still it alludes me :ghost:.

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How about this:


Definitely going on the list @Donnybaseball, right on the money. I wish it was longer.

This one is perfect.

Except -

  • Really really boring “National Geographic style” narration. So slow.
  • Doesn’t mention governance properly.
  • slight tangent into quantom resistance at the end.

Anybody got something good on governance (for non blockchain folk)?