Charles video on Governance Thoughts for 2021


I really don’t have time for these time-sucking whiteboard video’s. Whenever something is noted down, the cadence of the video is slowing down irritably and the resulting whiteboard is utter chaos. Can’t we properly present structured and easily digested content to the community? Or can somebody let me know the summary of what is talked about here?

Governance is one of my favourite topics, but I just can’t watch this video format. It doesn’t work for me. Thanks for whoever wants to help me here. I appreciate Charles taking the time to make these, but I really really do hate this format.

Anybody else not liking video formats? It just doesn’t allow for high-speed consumption of content.

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The information density of these videos and even more so the countless AMAs is too low for my liking too. They look primarily like an ego-trip to me and not so much like a vehicle to convey tangible information and encourage discussion.

That said, what Charles has achieved in this project is very impressive and many decisions taken along the way seem to be right and solid. Who wants to comprehend his thinking needs to accept and adapt to his means of expressing himself. I find these blackboard sessions somewhat useful to understand the big picture and the general strategy and as such they are okay for me. I like written text better though.

What I really find worrying is that Charles’ video habit seems to be imitated by others. Everybody and their uncle just fires up their webcam and rambles away. This forum is full of posts with clickbait-y titles which contain nothing but a video with no further explanation and usually no comment. Complete waste of time.

I totally accept that oral tradition has its place but I’m personally more inclined towards reflection and a culture of writing.

I understand your point, but there are various sources of reading material available.

I understand the desire for a quick summary, but it is a very complex topic. By over simplifying a quick summary one would miss the point. Charles comes from academic circles, so he is used to presenting complex ideas as if they were a lecture in a classroom.

TLDR; Cardano will have the best governance


This is outstanding!

I am looking for a format with more information density. And so by asking for a summary I merely intended to ask for a collection of what was described in the video without it being such a timesuck.

I am not asking for oversimplification, but for a format of content that can easily be spread and consumed.

I agree, the project is impressive. But I disagree in that Charles gets to choose his format of expression. That privilege is reserved to the audience. Obviously, anyway can choose differently, but not without consequence. Imo it would be wise for the project to present all public information broadcasting in multiple formats. Maybe someone should follow up these video’s with a PDF compiling the information for the rest of us.

The reason why this doesn’t work is that my information digest is relatively fast with the disadvantage that I cannot easily slow it down. That is why I don’t usually learn from video unless the skill is visual as opposed to abstract. There’s others like me and we deserve to be included in the project as it progresses in the years to come.

It is also entirely possible that I am one of the few that find this format very annoying and ineffective, in which case my point still stands and I should quiet myself then.

Please read this not as a critique to Charles, but a frustration with the format only. I don’t mean to paint anyone negatively here, just venting that I can’t participate in a project that is exciting to me.

The information was not presented next to the slide in context and is not a direct translation or printout of the video. As Charles represents an important project, his broadcasts should be shared in an inclusive way imo.

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