Cardano Marketing

I am not involved in Marketing, but I know things are being planned and organized. I wondered what the community would like to see from Cardano marketing efforts.


A super cool HONEST promo vid.


I’d rather they concentrated on perfecting the tech and let the blockchain and it’s functionality speak for itself.

After that marketing is a lot easier as you are not selling the dream, merely presenting it to the world.


IOHK does the tech. Although the CF is required to have an auditor review our work once in a while.


I guess it depends on the type of marketing you want to do then. I love hearing the technical details, but if you want to bring in a wider audience then presenting the project in a less technical manner may help.

I like the whiteboard talks, but some people don’t have 20-60 minutes to watch a video when they’re not yet sure what Cardano is.


Same here, I love the whiteboard talks. It would be good to get a few 10 min max vids which explains it on a high level.

Once they become drawn into Cardano they will be ready to watch the longer videos.


Promo videos articulating Cardano’s vision, talking about the level expertise and professionalism that exists within the foundation, may be social media presence, talks about the efforts that are made for quality control through a formal peer review process, I feel all these things should give comfort to any investor especially in the crypto world as volatile as it is. These concepts need to be delivered in like 5 to 10 minutes for a wider audience. I for one enjoy the long form whiteboard videos. This is my favorite coin because of the technology if successfully implemented will be superior. People are looking for immediate gratification so marketing is crucial (unfortunately superior tech isnt always enough).


More white board talks, and reaching out to some of the larger Youtube content creators. I’m sure they would be ecstatic to have the people behind the project come on their channels.

Make a working product before you do aggressive marketing. The better the tech the more investor prospects will emerge.


Ramp up the marketing together with each sprint or each roadmap release


You should partner with major commercial corporations.


For any commercial or advertising campaign visuals, consult with Dr. Carmen Simon, author of “Impossible to Ignore.”

She specializes in visual influence and persuasion. She has helped some of the biggest brands craft memorable and impactful messages.


I would like to see the same professionalism shown that is shown on the Cardano website and Daedulus wallet. Emphasizing academic research and the multiple teams working on the project.

Cardano has made it this far without hype. More of the ‘come see’ vs the ‘Hey! Look!’ has served us all well.


I personally like ADA because of its professionalism and ‘capableness’. I think a corporate approach is good, to attract larger investors. Being a researcher myself, I love that the project is focused on academic research, but unfortunately, academics are often frugal with their money!


Please don’t relay anymore this stupid and unlawful trading games at binance for the ones buying the more Ada getting free Ada. Not compliant.

I was very disappointed to see Iohk retweeting this.

Re marketing don’t start too early as there is not enough of the product being released yet. Once the spending card and Ada bills feature will be available to all, it might be time.

A cardano academy online would be a great investment rather than some more vidéos pleasing holder of token hoping for an extra 4x.

How to connect my smart contract to cardano. How to… How to…

Let’s give ourselves time.


You make many good points.

How to, I would like as well. I am working on getting testnet instructions up soon.

The issue here is the roadmap release is not part of marketing but part of IOHK’s dedication to transparency. Although we will update at the end of each countdown, there is no guarantee that the update will be anything more than extra details and completion updates. The ‘pumper’ class of crypto enthusiasts have been disappointed twice by the inability to build campaigns around the roadmap. I can’t imagine this will change.


Well, its aiming to be the number 1 smart contract platform. So the great many use cases of smart contracts would be great, ranging from ICOs to all the other dozens or even hundreds of imaginative ways smart contracts could/will be used. It’s impossible to even imagine all of them, but a comprehensive list of as many as possible as well as why it will work best on Cardano that would make a great vid. I’m thinking 10-20 mins long with loads of animation and packed with massive solid use cases as well as a few more speculative ones to spark the imagination.

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An expanded perspective on Marketing

People love the videos, and the number one suggestion is to have shorter doses 10~20 minutes, which I will inform comms about.

Also IOHK dependent, are how-tos and tech blogs. I believe we just hired a tech writer or the ad has been placed. In addition, education efforts are underway.

Cardano Foundation:
They have setup rocketchat and the forum. They recently announced this:
No one is really talking about this. I already have two or three Cardano sponsored reports. When states start looking into implementing blockchain solutions for their country, they will be reading Cardano commissioned reports by people who know government really well.

What other things would you like to see the Foundation doing?

They will be managing and mentoring projects launched on Cardano if they want it as well as organizing enterprise members.
They also will be launching their own marking and promotional efforts.


This might sound corny, but why not have Emurgo host a Cardano Camp? A week or weekend seminar/workshop for developers and media figures. I also believe more interaction with the Reddit community would bring more eyes to the project.

Sidenote: thanks for all your responses to questions on this forum! It’s nice to know that individuals we invest our time and money into care enough to field questions!

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