The Marketing Campaign for Cardano

Hi everyone. I would like to open a conversation about marketing.

I get the feeling that the community is chomping at the bit to get some promotion going, as the perception is that the Cardano foundation has been spinning it’s wheels for some time and now needs to catch up.

First of all I’m going to suggest that if you’re interested in getting involved with the marketing of Cardano, that you watch the documentary “Art and Copy.” It’s a great study on some of the most effective advertising campaigns of all time.

An effective advertisement reaches people at a deep, subconscious level. Social trends originate from a type of collective consciousness. So what problem is blockchain technology addressing within today’s collective consciousness?

I would offer that the issue is one of TRUST. We have lost trust in the banks (dare I say the entire economic system?), with governments, with the legal system, with social media.

This is really big.

Blockchain certainly holds the potential to overhaul these massive, outdated systems of order. These systems, due mainly to the inherent flaws of the human ego, have failed. They have failed and we have lost TRUST in, well people in general.

I think we market Cardano as a system that can rebuild the TRUST that we have lost in all of these other systems.

Comments? Input?


Generally, this project makes moves when as close to ready as possible. Hype for a partnership prior that isnt within scope of this projects behavior, and earmark less of potential than of a PR event.

Driving up perception is not the enemy of transparency, but they do have competing agendas.


Sounds like a nice initiative @Zenman, check your PM’s :wink:.


I like the trust concept but my question is who exactly are you trying to target with this message at this point? People who have never heard of crypto?

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Mainly, yes. Everyone who feels they can’t trust the bank, and the law, and corporations, and the government, and the press. I’m thinking that’s a lot of people.

Those markets are very broad. Trustless markets are an opportunity to…prove you can be trusted and are different somehow. However, you then deal with why? I speak from experience in marketing, specifically psychology. Although I understand the direction, collective consciousness is like taking ph of the ocean. Where and when its taken matters. Similarly, i see a “trust us” or “we are different becuase” as what they are all doing. That voice can be lost in a chorus.

What is impactful to market to people will be done by the services that utilize them, or the standout value it brings. That earns respect, which births trust. The idea and branding of “Intel Inside” is a good example. People dont understand cores and speed but they get trust from them. A safe, reliable fast chip. Heck, they even have a jingle. This is a microchip, and there are others(amd). They did that by being chosen to run in products, did well, earned trust. IBM, HP, Alienware…whatever, puts them in front for trust and Intels hx and reliability recipricates.

People in decision making roles, with serious business needs know about Cardano, its the outgrowth that will self promote, eg dapps, etc.

Those are going to be our biggest advertisers, the company that wants your services and will offfer it through Cardano…something like this “The first company where you can now run your 3rd gen blockchain needs,” …

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A company that has the potential to be as big as Google, Microsoft, needs to have a marketing campaign equal in scope. If ADA is going to be an actual world currency used by people to buy things, we need to market EVERYONE.

The Trust route is the most powerful way to market blockchain. It’s obvious. Whoever uses it first is going to reap the rewards.

We have to think big and we have to take some chances.

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They offer services, like gmail, windows and other products. They did things to be “google”. Trust was gained first through services, reliable products.

I respect what your saying, and I agree trust is important. That is earned, not advertised.
One of the best builders of trust we have right nownis the peer reviewed aspect. If you feel trust is the best target, putting a colage of sorts of all the reputations that have cosigned on them, one idea. The trust they have garnered is the backbone or ladder towards self respect.


Memes are powerful things. I think we are talking about some next level shit here.


Look here for some inspiration:

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I agree, also I think keeping the stage of the project in mind getting something simple out there like “Shelly arriving 2019” that makes people want to look into it more on their own make sense.


I’m talking about “Just Do It.” “Got Milk?” type of stuff.

Have you seen “Exit Through The Gift Sop”? and/or “Art And Copy”?

I’m taking for granted that IOHK will deliver the product we are selling.

95% of the people on the planet have no idea what blockchain is or why they would want to use it. I’m thinking of the most effective way to get the general population interested in blockchain generally, and Cardano specifically.

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I love exit through the gift shop I have not seen Art and copy but I will check it out. I also went to college in the same town and time that Shepard Fairey did so I saw those André the Giant has a posse stickers all over… loved them. It was amazing how many different places all over the US I saw those stickers. Garry who I’m doing the meet ups with collects street art so that got me thinking about it as well. I’m a little old to go to the rail yard at 3 am and tag 1000 boxcars with the Ada symbol though.

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That’s why we hire kids to do it.


Ha that’s what I was thinking!

Yeah man. We’re talking about the potential to be one of the most successful companies in the history of mankind. Let’s start a movement. The anti-establishment aspect of crypto will appeal to that demographic.

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Here are a couple of tag lines…

Intersection of computer science and humanity.
Trusting the trustless.

We could do different one word pieces with an appropriate image:

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Here is a timely video regarding trust:


Heh yeah Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo are doing a good job promoting cryptocurrency