Cardano University

Hi all. Despite the crypto price apocalypse that is currently going on I’m seeing an uptick in people who want to get involved and learn more about actually doing things with Cardano from a development standpoint. Wanting to have a robust educational outreach certainly seems like something we all want and have spoken about in various forms and in various threads. I was thinking that perhaps since the foundation is being rebooted (thanks again Guardians!) We could lobby for a formalized educational program covering a wide range of topics structured like university courses. Cardano is a very academic pursuit so I think it’s more than appropriate to have formal training in its use. I realize that IOHK and Emergo are working towards creating more content of this nature by necessity but I thought this could be a good thing to fall under the foundation’s umbrella. People often grouse about lack of marketing and such and I think this is the best kind of marketing we can do. I’m sure this idea is not particularly original and may be in the works already, but I wanted to throw it out there for discussion. Thanks!


Hi Donny,

I agree with your theme, and idea of a formal education path. It will allow all groups of people to be involved (not just coders, devops…etc). Levels of accreditation can be granted dependent on attain of skills levels.

Will be great too allow people to learn, participate and engage (with knowledge) in Cardano which allows understanding and engagement to spiral upwards. Hopefully this will lead to uptake in Apps, development and industrialization of Cardano.

Learning and understanding always demystifies the fear of stepping in and participating.