Cardano School


Tell 10 people around you to research Cardano, buy $ADA, send their funds to their non-custodial wallet, and then delegate to a pool, respecting decentralization. Then tell them to buy some tokens from the ecosystem that have investment potential, and then vote on Project Catalyst for the best proposals they consider, to develop the Cardano ecosystem.

Tell them that they can look on the Internet, there is a lot of information to learn how to do all this, with the “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR) method.

Now tell me, how many have you convinced?

I think many less than you would like. Adoption is a lot of new users.

For me, education is necessary for adoption.

There is very good material done by Cardano Community but it is scattered.

There is an official platform, created by IOHK, Essential Cardano with interesting content, but only scattered articles, with no user-friendly tutorials, without a navigational format to guide the learner from the outset.

Create a platform that starts by explaining Cardano’s usefulness and its overall philosophy of usability, with tutorials and workshops for teaching the technology, in a user-friendly, “step-by-step” format that leads the learner to practical training, translated into several languages, with written articles and multimedia material.

How to buy ADA, how to create a wallet within the Cardano ecosystem, how to delegate, how to choose a pool, how to vote in Catalyst, how to buy NFT on the different platforms, and more.

Each DApp developer can collaborate and contribute their material, for their own interest, so that their product can be used.

The platform could be developed with representatives in several countries to promote education.

This would bring adoption.

The Cardano Foundation has in its mission to drive adoption and education, and has the financial resources and structure to support them.

Adoption needs education served on a silver platter.

I propose that you join my crusade to convince the @Cardano-Foundation of the necessity of this project to promote the growth of the Cardano Community: CARDANO SCHOOL

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100% with you on this one, we believe that Cardano will never grow as it should without this school.

Such a platform has to be a wiki, it has been designed, and improved, over the years, to host this kind of internationalized content, available to anyone, easily translatable in hundreds of target languages, reviewed by community members, and editable with even the smallest contributions, from a typo to a full range of courses.

That’s why we have published, and the only thing it’s lacking is content. This is something nobody can do alone, not even the Foundation. We need to onboard project creators, SPO, ambassadors, enthusiasts and blog authors, to gather all of their content in a single place. An open-source one, where the content would be freely created, but standardized at the same time.

On a wiki, powerful extensions can be created, and even improved by the community itself, to match absolutely all kind of needs.

And almost everyone with an internet access on earth is already familiar with the most popular of them all : Wikipedia. Don’t underestimate the benefits of sticking to the same architecture.

The Cardano Foundation answered to your tweet by hinting that they were working on something. It doesn’t matter if it’s not, but please, please don’t create from scratch an overly complicated tool, stick to a MediaWiki, it’s perfect for this kind of usage.


Here are a few links that you might put in your wiki
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