Learning Cardano

Hello All,

I would like to learn more about Cardano. There are many sources on the net, but I wonder your suggestions as well. What resources do you suggest to learn and get recent updates on Cardano?
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Hello @EmeyWhatson and welcome!

I will again advise the articles of @arielfavio!

You can either search the forum for his posts or see them at his blog in medium, https://liberlion.medium.com.

IMHO is the best content available for newcomers about Cardano and blockchain itself.


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I would say read through a couple of things. New but so much going on. Been about of card ano for a Lil under a month now. I do know that with cardano you can find your place, what u want to do and how you and your skill can bring better things to your world and the world around you. Good luck and welcome to the future. 35 from Brooklyn nyc reach out. Trynna figure where i fit as well and sure many others and billions to come all shall find a place. Be safe educate yourself and grow.

Here an index of my articles published in the official Forum. They are all fast-reading and will give you a first glimpse of Cardano, then in the same Forum you have a lot of material that goes into depth.

INDEX : links to my articles at Cardano Forum Cardano Forum LiberLion index - Google Docs

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Is there an official beginner’s guide somewhere? Something for a completely ignorant but not stupid person?

Your article on Official Wallets is close but it still makes a lot of assumptions about what vocabulary the reader already knows or concepts the reader is already familiar with. Got anything even more basic?