The Cardano Blackboard Series

We recently teamed up with @ADASaur to start a series of brief explanation videos for the Cardano community.

So, the octopus carried its blackboard all the way to ADASaur and we used a ton of digital chalk. (Fortunately it’s cheap and environmentally friendly)

As a result we might present you the 1st video of the “Blackboard Series” today and we would like to release an ADAtaining video regularly, maybe weekly. Not sure if this is possible though.

Let us know what you think - also if you want us to explain something, leave us a note.


Hi @adatainment, @ADASaur

Great content and very nice to have the message being delivered in 1’30". That is not an easy thing to do ! Nice voice over as well. So, kudos.

One improvement I can suggest : the hoovering drawing hand. It is something that looks ok at first, but can become quite annoying (at least for me) the day I wish to watch 5 vids in a row. Plus, our brain likes what moves better than fixed images. So, it can distract quite a bit from the important messages you want to convey.


Great content!

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Thank you for your feedback. Always welcome.

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Nice and easy visual to understand. Well done. This kind of stuff will help everyone know the important stuff and stay informed. We absolutely need all that technical expertise, but, I suspect that lots of people just get that it’s important but don’t get the finer, more involved points.

So, very nice job.

I think more of these on the basics of the protocol, it’s functions and why they are so important will help the group as well as mass adoption as the less informed have to get it and appreciate the nuances well enough to get involved.

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I’m glad it’s Blackboard Friday - enjoy our new episode: What is staking?


Fantastic episode @adatainment and @ADASaur !!! You guys totally smacked the ball out of the park making this video. The content and delivery is very professionally executed. I admire your work!

Big fan,


Can you display the link using an iframe in your post like this?

where the code line looks like this…

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Oh. I was not aware of the fact that we could inject plain HTML into the posts. :grin:


Hooray it’s Blackboard Friday and everybody talks about the Nano Ledger - so do we, enjoy our 3rd episode: What is a hardware wallet?


At first I thought it’s a great idea to have all episodes in a single thread but now I realized this is getting messy. So I think I will post future episodes in a new thread, maybe there is even a way to split the answers into topics @SeanAlimov


@adatainment sounds great :+1: How about switching to education category, so every episode is a new post


Yes, I think that would be the best.


Great video!! Thank you for putting in the work. Simple, clear message.

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