I Created a Cardano Overview for Newcomers - Cardano Simply Explained in 6 Minutes

Hello everyone!

Really cool to see more people coming in after years of development! Start to get more and more excited for the future!
To guide the newcomers, I created an overview video on Cardano, and tell a bit of everything including:

  • Cardano Staking,
  • Smart Contracts, Dapps,
  • Peer Review, Functional Programming Languages, Formal Verification,
  • Scalability (Hydra), Interoperability, Governance,
  • Platform Capabilities,
  • Vision & Stategy

Please let me know what you think!


Nice video and very good as a ‘taster video’
Good work NautilusCrypto :clap:


Nice video. Simple explanations about key points.


Thank you, MachTwo!

Appreciate the comment!

You have stated, in as a succinct manner as possible, the major benefits and advantages that Cardano [ADA} has over the vast majority of, if not all, what the crypto space has to offer. Rather brilliant I would say. Thank you, how can I share? Go Cardano!


Hi! Appreciate the comment! I would LOVE it if you could share the video link through reddit :grin:


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Appreciate it! :grin:

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