Building a network - West Midlands, UK, Europe and international


My name is Dan and I’m new to the Cardano platform and before we start. I have to say, I am in no way technical. My background is based in community projects and the creative arts. I live in Birmingham, UK. If you are local please give us a shout!

This is just an idea at the moment but I’m sure we can make it work if it seems like a good idea - meritocracy.

I would like to help start community focused stake pools to provide support to social projects in our communities. Looking for others interested in defi, social project and creating networks across the UK, europe and the wider international community.

The aim is to connect our communities by creating local networks and growing local stake pools. These networks will connect individuals, community groups, organisations and businesses in their local areas and across the globe. Giving people the ability to support social projects and local communities anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. All at the click of a button.

The community stake pools can provide secure savings facilities for their stakers and the pools will in turn provide funds to local community groups from the proceeds of the pools. Delegation of funds will be voted on by the stakers. Giving the community the ability to decide on merit which social projects to support. The power of the blockchain providing transparency, showing exactly how community funds are delegated.

Again, I am in no way technical and I am new to this space. This is all based on my limited understanding of this platform and these systems but I’m sure after picking some holes and patching some patches. We can make it work if its worth doing.

If you are in any way interested in any of the topics covered, please do get in touch.

Hi Dan,

It’s an honorable idea you are proposing. We’re thinking similar thoughts as we spin up our Stake Pool. Our idea is to give back to the younger community by sponsoring internships in research and development and market research.

Keep us posted and we’ll do the same.

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Hey Tom,

Thanks for the reply. Nice to meet you. Sounds like you are further along with your idea. Can you tell me a little more about your project? It sounds very similar to what i’m thinking, just more focused. Really interested to hear about your plans and ideas.

The project i propose is aimed at community support and growth from the ground up. Supporting local charities and organisations addressing issues like homelessness, food banks, community support/engagement programs etc. However, currently its just me talking : ) Each community will have its own issues and ideas on whats needed.

So many worth while social projects are already underway and so many great organisations have been working hard for years, just woefully under funded. Like wise, our communities currently make nothing from their savings from banks and 0% of the banks proceeds go to the communities they profit from. The aim of this project is that 100% of the profits go towards community programs and the community in turn profit from their savings and support. Vested interest.

I look forward to meeting more interesting, likeminded individuals and working out how we can make these projects come to life. The technical infrastructure is here. Just need to pull the human pieces together.

Thanks a lot for posting.

kind regards,


Hello again,

I guess I’m not asking the right questions. I need to be more specific in my request for help understanding and building this network. I understand how it can work and what it might look like but have no idea how to realise it.

Technical wizards. I need your help!

I see it working like a social media application with three distinct profile types. Delegators, organisations and mission pools.

Delegators interact with a digital wallet similar to yoroi. Sign up to the app, deposit funds and delegate to one or more of the selected mission pools. The organisations can apply for support for specific projects to these local pools. These application need to be approved by majority vote by the delegators to that pool.

Does any of this make sense or have a missed some massive piece of the puzzle? Please feel free to pick holes and bust bubbles.

Some pieces i know are missing -

How do we make profiles and a voting system. Do we need to use our own decentralised social media network or can we just use a digital wallet and existing social media platforms. Building something that works alongside in some way?

Would we need to create our own version of, for example - the yoroi wallet or can we modify an existing applications?

Any help in understand this technology and how it can be applied in community support would be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading.