Staking pool project

I have a keen interest in working with emurgo (I have contacted them as suggested in a previous comment) or anyone else interested in a staking project. I have access to and capabilities relating to backend/ infrastructure/ hardware/ networking.
I welcome anyone with interest in starting a project to get in touch or post here for a discussion.


I’m interested too.
Also able to provide infrastructure on redundant IPv4/6 networks in DDOS-protected AS. But I can’t simply stake a hundred thousands of ADAs.

I don’t know how far the development team is, but some screenshots looks very promising (they even have screenshots from March 2018 ;- ) Client Support -2 Ouroboros Delegation -3

I have minimal experience in networking but I’m interested in creating a staking pool. Please count me in on this project.

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So far there is no “project”, but only a few people who show interest.

and sorry, for those having followed my above links: it looks like they didn’t work as expected because they contain spaces. URL-encoding also didn’t work. So as long as they arent replaced by space-less URLs got to the roadmap website and scroll down to Ouroboros and Light client. Then click to the thumbnails…

Hi, I would love to get involved in a staking pool or project. I’ve got an extremely fast SSD linux dedicated server in Chicago that I was planning to use for another masternode, and have a strong coding background as well.
Look forward to more info/developments.

Yes, interested…

Hi, I am a backend developer.
I would like to contribute to such a project.

I know some python and JavaScript, both self learned for hobby, not even quite sure what backend means… how can I participate? :slight_smile:

I have will to learn, passion and a bunch of :ada::ada::ada:

By the way, how will this be different from the one that will be built-into Daedalus? From the interview of Charles, you simply register as a staking pool via Daedalus and pay the corresponding fee. We just have to wait for Shelley release.


One of the IOHK guys somewhere mentioned - at least if I understood it right - there will be API’s and “plugin-bays” where Javascript/HTML frontends can directly connect to Cordanas Blockchain infrastructure and functionality, in order to create and provide all kind of GUIs, and use-cases.

correct there is no project currently, I’m just looking for like minded people to collaborate with. Im not looking to take away from anything to be done officially such as through the wallet, just to be ready and able to move as and when needed. I have storage, hardware and bandwidth. Im sure there will be some heavy hitters involved with the PoS aspect but thought a project born from here would also be a great thing.

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At the moment we simply don’t know how the staking will work, bw consumption, hardware etc, etc. Im aware the team is very aware of these issues and are working on/ finished the release. When we have it in the real world we can see better how we do things. At a minimum I’m sure we can make a forum lead stake and take it from there.
Upmost respect to all the devs and team behind this all also.

I do serverside work for a living… software dev. Add me to this list.

Count me in … was already involved as admin into mining pools, developer and IT geek by nature

If anyone has an idea on what is the minimum requirement to run a full node, kindly post relevant links here. I’m thinking of setting up something like this:

  • a firewall with a load balancer (with session replication and failover). Maybe a Netgate SG-1000 or SG-3100?
  • two to four Raspberry Pi 3 running Daedalus (same wallet restored on each node)
  • hot swappable NAS with RAID (mirroring) support
  • SSDs with enough space to store years worth of blockchain data

If a Raspberry Pi 3 is enough to run a Daedalus full node then we save on electricity and much better carbon footprint with redundancy if one crashes.

Yes, interested

I have tried compiling it on a Raspberry Pi 2 but did not succeed. The nix environment is 64 bits only. I’m not sure you can compile it on a 32 bits ARM processor…

I’m runnning the Cardano-SL node and the Daedalus wallet in 2 different docker containers on a Synology DS415+ (with 8 Gb RAM). I’m backing up the blockchain to the NAS so I don’t need to resync in case I have to rebuild the container. Currently, the whole folder with blockchain, wallet data and logs is only ~4Gb of data.

Up til now the whole system is quite light weighted. Cardano-SL’s bandwidth is something like 24-30 Kb/sec down and 70-80 Kb/sec up. Network traffic for Daedalus is almost nothing.


Thank you. That’s interesting.

Software dev with Telecom Network Ip Protocol level Experience, I would love to be involved in anyway I can. Also have a decent amount of ADA let me know

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I just made a Grafana Dashboard with some stats from my Cardano-SL node