Documentation and API for Staking Pool

I understand that it is too early ad we will not see mining pools for at least 5 more months.

But my team want to build one. Is there is a way to get early access to API’s? It will be beneficial for you since we will help to test it.


From my understanding, we will never see mining. This uses a proof-of-stake approach.

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Yeah, you mine coins by staking them :slight_smile:
And there will be pools, so people can delegate coins.

I was wondering about this myself, and what kind of hardware/ internet connection is advised?

I was thinking on setting up a Raspberry PI for every PoS coin I own. This should cut down the electricity costs.
I have to look into the security aspects etc.

Should I ever gain enough to run a node / pool the PI will probably not suffice though.

So depending on the percentage (x) of ADA you have, you’ll be included or are expected to execute x transactions / epochs… you will be to delegate your stake to a staking pool which will do this work for you… as far as i know :slight_smile:.

I would contact Emurgo - . They pair with developers that would like to utilize the Cardano Infrastructure to expand it’s network effect.

I have a keen interest in working with emurgo (I have contacted them as suggested) or anyone else interested in a staking project. (backend/infrastructure/hardware/networking)
I welcome anyone with interest in starting a project to get in touch or post here for a discussion.

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I would very much like to get in touch as I want to start a staking project based out Saudi Arabia or Dubai. Would you please advise the proper protocol for doing this. Appreciate your feedback on how to get in touch with Cardano for doing this.

I think quite a few people would like to run a staking pool. :slight_smile: doesn’t seem to be any documentation on it yet.

People will delegate their stakes to a pool to gain an advantage (economies of scale) by combining assets with others. Quantity of assets will be one important factor in getting awards. There are also factors that are associated with being a “good citizen” of the Cardano network.

Much of the economics and decision process associated with rewards is being decided. The community will have a say.

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I’m thinking someone already developing staking pool infrastructure, like @MegaWind, might provide some answers here.

Would like to cooperate.
We want to build not only pool but wrappers and some helpers on top of it

Hi @yanik! Checkout @MegaWind’s Facebook group at

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I am very interested in being involved with the day to day operations of a pool, like or hosting a server, how do i get involved?