How mining cardano?

Does someone do this? can prompt to explain what and how to set up for mining

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Cardano will use proof of stake vs proof of work. You will be able to join a staking pool next year when Shelley goes live. If you follow this link you will learn more about Ouroboros.

Details on system requirements will come out in the next couple of months. Most think that hardware requirements will be relatively simple. Having a solid internet connection will be important and if running a pool having a fairly large stake will be advantageous as you get a bonus for it.

I correctly understood that at the moment there is no such possibility and it will be possible only in the future?

That is correct yes.

I made a video to try to explain a possible method of how staking will work in Cardano based on the screen captures available on the roadmap, combined with what I know about POW mining. That part starts at 15:00 minutes into this video which I have linked below, but the whole video might give you an idea of how this might work.


@Donnybaseball and @Liubomyr_Romaniuk check out this tweet from Charles, good stuff!


Nice Thanks!

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