How to Ada stacking (mining)

Hi everyone

I’m interested to know how the ada stacking (similar to mining) is possible? Does I keep Daedalus wallet online, my PC contributed in the stacking process based on my share? Should I join any pool to increase my chance instead of solo stacking?



Cardano is a Proof-of-Stake network. This is different to a Proof-of-Work network like Bitcoin. In Bitcoin you use computer power to secure the network, but in Cardano you stake coins to secure the network.

Staking has not started yet. It is expected to start March next year.

You will not need to leave your computer on. You will be able to delegate your stake from your wallet to a stake pool, then you will receive rewards when the pool makes a block. The pool will not be able to lose your coins, as you only delegate them, you don’t give them.

Does it make sense?


Thanks, your response is complete for me.
the stacking process is implemented in centralized way (by IOHK for example), until now and to March next year?

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Right now IOHK do it internally and the reward coins are burned.

In March the network will decentralise and all the coin holders will stake.