When start staking? (aka: when first rewards)

Hello ,

I am now 8 days in a staking pool.
but when start my earning of the staking?
i am new with it.
the next cardona apoch was finished so i was thinking i earned cardano ? but i got nothing.
I use daedalus.

IOHK delayed decreasing the decentralization parameter (d) to 0.9 by one epoch so earning rewards will now start at epoch 211 in about 4.5 days. With d at 0.9, only 10% of the blocks will be minted initially by pools, but the parameter will be decreased further each epoch so that the chain will be handed over to the community in full over time.


aah ,
in 4.5 days i got my first reward?
if i now put more ada in the same staking wallet .when i got a reward on that? also in 4.5 days?

No, minting of blocks by pools start in 4.5 days. First rewards will be distributed at the end of the following epoch, around 23 August.

All additional Ada you put in your wallet now will not activate next epoch, but in the epoch after next epoch, ie. epoch 212.

aah oke

i got 10000 ada staked 8 days ago . the reward i get is in 4.5 days?
if i put 5000 ada extra in the same wallet today .
i got 4.5 days the reward from the 10 000 ada and 23 augustus i get the reward of 15 000 ada?

is that correct?

@Cardanoboy You will start to “earning rewards” in epoch 211. Which means the Ada you staked now, does not account towards your rewards until epoch 211(but I say that lightly). And if you add more ada into the same wallet, you increase your stake in that pool. And no that is not correct, you will not receive 15,000 ada from your 10000 ada you staked. See the staking calculator here

no i mean in 4.5 days the rewards in calculated on 10 000 ada ?
and if i punt today 5000 extra ada to the wallet i get .15 000 ada so i get 23 augustus a reward that is calculated on 15 000 ada?

@Cardanoboy Okay, and yes that sounds right. The staking calculator might report that you would receive 23 Ada but no one knows for sure. There are too many factors at play to guess exactly how much Ada you would be receiving. But I would delegate the maximum amount of Ada to your pool as quickly as possible so your stake can start earning the pool and ultimately yourself

The LIFT Staking Pool





Controlled stake:


Pool margin:



100K ADA

Cost per epoch:

340 ADA

Produced blocks:


is this a good 1 ?
tis also possibile to go 2 staking pools with 2 wallets?

Yes you can go to 2 stake pools if you separate your funds to 2 wallets in Daedalus.
No one here can or should tell you if a particular pool is necessary good or bad without knowledge of the pool operators experience and pool setup itself. This matters because uptime matter and will ultimately affect your rewards.

What you can do for now is look at what it would potentially cost you assuming 100% uptime (so look at pool margin, pool cost per epoch) and also consider pool pledge.

Good luck and happy staking.

thanks for the info.

another question . in 5 or more years or 10 years when everything is staked.
what happens then?
then you dont get nothing more for staking?

No, we will each the end of the Voltaire phase way before that time and Cardano would be entering the phase of self governance and the treasury will start to rewards users based of their treasury not amount of Ada. See the Voltaire Roadmap

I have read the link. But how you get the treasures?

Income from staking will be transaction fees, not direct from treasury.

So there will be always staking?

Does someone know more about the treasures?


There are and will be no “treasures” for ordinary users! :smile: The treasury will be Cardano’s central funding mechanism. This is a complex topic, it goes to the root of what Cardano is. If you want a good understanding of that, that’s great, and there’s a lot of information out there. Probably best to start with Charles Hoskinson’s whiteboard videos. But if you’re mainly just interested in what holders can expect, I wouldn’t worry about it.

@RobJF Thanks for the correction. Miss communicated how Treasury funds are used.

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Aah oke thanks for all the info.

still get no reward.
i see now that the pool is get orange.
normally i got my first reward . 3 days ago ?

The first rewards will be paid out at about 9.45pm UTC on the 23rd, for those who were staked with pools that made blocks this epoch.