Getting a cardano through stock proof

Hi everyone
can someone say how can i get a cardano through stock proof ? i mean we should proof an transaction on cardano network to receive a reward , ok ? so how can i proof a transaction ?
in cardano site ? in daedalus wallet ? in a pool ? where ? who ?
i installed daedalus wallet and i buy ada coin , i have 200 ada coin in my daedalus wallet , what should i do now ?
please anybody help me , thanks

Hello and welcome Mahdin!
It is not possible to stake your ADA to receive rewards yet, the Cardano project aims to have this working and open to the public by Q1 2019 (it may take longer). From my understanding you will be able to stake your ADA inside the Daedalus wallet by delegating to a staking pool once the staking specification has been finalised. If you are new to the project I highly recommend checking out and watching the videos that IOHK have been rolling out for the last year. These really help you get up to speed on the Cardano project.

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