ADA direct from Cardano

I understood (mis-understood?) a plan to enable buying ADA directly from, and staking directly with, Cardano.

Since the summit, I’ve seen nothing to that effect.

Does anyone know if this plan is still in the works?

Or, does the agreement with Coinbase replace it?

Thank you.

I’m not quite sure what you mean?

Ada is the token of the Cardano blockchain. Whenever you purchase ada it is directly on the Cardano blockchain, it never goes anywhere else.

When you stake it will be directly on the Cardano blockchain, done by any wallet that supports shelley era addresses with the staking user interface.

Sorry about my confusion.
I mean, will it be possible to buy and stake ADA directly over the Cardano web site?
My wife and son thought they saw some reference to this.

no this is not possible.

Hi Emanatepresence,

As Zyroxa rightly says this is not something that is available or likely to ever be possible.

However, Daedalus and Yoroi are the official wallets, both accessible via the website. You will be able to stake with them, and I know there is potential in the future for people to possibly buy ada in the Daedalus wallet.

But just to be clear (I know you know this Lgbeano), that would be by arrangement with an exchange, it’s still not “direct from Cardano”.

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Yes certainly, not quite sure how it would work but it would need to be decentralised.

I just left all technical details out :slight_smile:

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