How to stake cardano?


Hey guys i’m new to cardano looking to start staking my holdings can anyone help me with this process?


AFAIK, Staking will be available in 2018 and not now.


More info to come on 1st Dec it seems!


@Rigario Got a source for the Dec 1st probable date?


True. Shelly is the name of the release that will contain staking and it is scheduled for April/May next year. Looking forward to it!


thanks mate


Hi @jfonseca, Check out the Roadmap in the link below. New update is midnight GMT, countdown timer is in the link


1st Dec is not to get to staking, but to get to a roadmap update :slight_smile:


What kit will need to be able to do, is it the same as bit coin mining ?


No, Cardano is Proof-of-Stake consensus not Proof-of-Work like Bitcoin. Please read an explanation I wrote on the subject to another forum member here


Thanks for the info! I’m interested to run ADA node as well. Hopefully soon we can see more updates from the developer. Especially the security measures that will be implemented considering the wallet and our coins will be online most of the time.