Set up wallet - staking

Hi Community,
A general question regarding staking. As we all know it will get possible to stake by 18.08.2020.
Now my question; does it make sense to set up the wallet for staking already in advance (now)? Or in other words, what kind of actions can I already take besides buying ADA?
Many thanks in advance for your feedbacks.

Welcome @Sammy1, great to see you here, fab question, that I’d like to know the answer too.

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There are no actions required at this stage.
It is recommended you have funds in a wallet (official ones being Daedalus and Yoroi) with seed word you have access to - that’s about it.

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I have Deaduls Mainnet 1.1.0.

However I see on the new timeline that June 16 (already past) a “Shelley test wallet would be available”.

Has this not been released? Is there a delay?

Perhaps I misunderstood.

It did, please check this post.
Also, please raise a seperate topic instead of adding posts to irrelevant OP

Hahaha, typical Cardano

You replied to a message that clearly asked to create a seperate post for different topic - to not continue within same thread.
It wasnt meant to discourage you from creating a new thread , was on the contrary actually. It is just that a forum is better served if posts within the thread stick to the original post, so that it does not become impossible to follow a conversation.
Hope this clarifies.


Thanks a million. I’m sorry for causingxx x an issue.