EXODUS Wallet?

Good afternoon all!

I’m currently holding my ADA in Exodus wallet.
Can someone please tell me if I need to do anything when the big Shell hits?

Thank you :wink:

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I’d be surprised if you will be able to stake using that wallet anytime soon, but I don’t know for sure, you should ask them, and if not, then switch to using Daedalus or Yoroi.

Edit: I just did a search for “Staking” on the Exodus website, there were a number of hits, but none in connection with Cardano or ADA. I’d advise switching wallets as above.


I use and stake on Exodus for a number of cryptos but ADA is currently not an available staking option. They have expressed interest in allowing POS from the wallet and I assume they are looking at Cardano as well. I asked this question a few times to Exodus and all I have ever heard back is that they are waiting for the launch of the mainnet before they commit to offering staking.

I am not sure if you are a new user on Exodus but I will let you know to be careful when exchanging crypto on their platform and to really look at the fees. I often exchange other holdings into ADA on Exodus but the fee’s have risen near $30 recently.

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Excellent, thank you for your help guys :smile:
I am pretty new to exodus, and crypto in general…
Thanks for the tip :wink:

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