So I Staked my ADA in EXODUS, and it was gone. Am I hacked?

Hi guys, I started to stake my ADA on Exodus Wallet.

and then today I saw there was an unidentified transaction that sent all of my ADA from exodus wallet to another wallet. is it something to do with staking and staking pools or what?

can someone explain to me please? I recently investing a lot in ADA from last year and it is just so sad if it’s all gone

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Hi @Rahardian_Herdanto,

I am so sorry to hear that. I think yes, you get hacked. Did you install scam app? Or you put your seed phrase online or in mobile device?

If you stake in Cardano, your ADA will not go anywhere, it will be there in your wallet.

It’s better to use official Cardano wallet such as Daedalus (desktop app only). Yoroi mobile or Adalite.

Even more better if you use hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S or Trezor.

Indonesian? Rp?

In this case, try to contact Exodus support service and ask them whether they can help or responsible for this breached.

Hope it helps.

I did not install anything recently though.

okay noted thank you so much for the heads up.

Yes Indonesian here, I tried to check the transactions history and I think the ADA already being sent to another wallets and being liquidated. but hopefully at least there is something that Exodus support service could help me around.

thank you @andreassosilo

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Hi @Rahardian_Herdanto,

Kemungkinan apps nya scam si Exodus. Karena sudah kejadian banyak disini kena hacked ketika menggunakan hot wallet tidak resmi seperti Atomic Wallet atau Exodus.

Disarankan menggunakan hot wallet resmi Cardano seperti Daedalus (hanya desktop app), Yoroi (desktop/mobile) atau Adalite.

Dan sangat dianjurkan untuk di pairing dengan cold wallet menggunakan Ledger/Trezor.

Semoga bisa dibantu oleh support service Exodus dan bisa kembali lagi ADA nya :pray:t2:

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oh no seharusnya riset lebih lama lagi dan emang coba pakai Daedalus aja. terimakasih, sekali lagi!

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Semoga 5000+ ADA nya bisa balik segera :pray:t2: