Stolen funds exodus and cardano scam

On the 1st of march i finished to deposit on exodus my 27935 ada for staking them. On the 10th of March at 6.47p.m. Someone not authorized by me moved all my ada. Now my balance on exodus is empty of those ada. I’ve earned 41ada since that day from earnings and the rewards arrived from you. I’m afraid because they appear still on staking but not present on my balance…tryed to contact the exodus support and never recived an answer. Please help me understand, it was all my piggy bank since years and i would like to have them back on my balance, not for sell but just for sleep serenity. If you need the transactions id i have them, of all the operations… Hope you will help me, more time pass more i’m scared, and also they still appear on stake! :pray::pray: Let me know what you need to help me and i’ll give you all the datas. Please help me :pleading_face:

my ada were till 11.45a.m. Of today here!

Now moved to: DdzFFzCqrhszAisfe4k7wNnA8Ue4L3AyHVpdeewZkyrfScRqRptz6RxzzVdbvYNscoq7cWyz69sECE2tKwC7gKFiqu5dzLZfTs3ez1xy

So here there were several transactions:

  1. 03/10/2021 7:47:22 PM
    To address: addr1qy6t8nncyz355cc74v6ynr2p2d3m9u846r3c4kq5tppry7egtvn92l5ceq37jlm7wnknef4vut350lyfldld86xer6ss70qtyq


  1. 03/12/2021 9:49:39 PM
    To address: addr1q9za0q0nwx4helvqz07k24ggzluwezv7evfrnpn9k4alrt2967qlxudt0n7cqylav42ss9lcajyeajcj8xrxtdtm7xksa8en9j
    Transaction:Transaction 1545e2d5bd9cb9826799737ec98c0bc2f9315eb6182dfb784c37facc884c43e9 - Cardanoscan

  2. 03/12/2021 9:53:25 PM
    To address: DdzFFzCqrhszAisfe4k7wNnA8Ue4L3AyHVpdeewZkyrfScRqRptz6RxzzVdbvYNscoq7cWyz69sECE2tKwC7gKFiqu5dzLZfTs3ez1xy
    I’m 90% sure this is exchange address, it’s still active and has 34,383.154398 ADA there and lots of transactions, including recently
    Transaction:Transaction 8b41ede26b6e69e88ec427bc92994edc0d45509d1ff9fd6e67242f81d0970224 - Cardanoscan

Hi @Masiero so sorry to hear!

I don’t understand. These are both the same addresses?

In order to move or spend your Ada, this person needs access to your private key or recovery seed.

How so ? As staking was in place, then there is two epochs you’ll receive rewards and it will stop after that. Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible by design. Your only hope is a successful legal procedure, that takes time. Even if the assets land on a centralized exchange you will need to get in touch with law enforcement.

What does iohk (deadalus support)say to that? Did you send them your logs?