ADA was mysteriously moved - probably need some community help

Hello everyone,

Today I had a long conversation in the Telegram with a Cardano community member, who lost his ADA (27,934) and as I was trying to help - I decided to write here.

First of all, I remember I saw something similar before, when there is no sign of a hack or any social engineering attempts, but ADA was moved.

Secondly, I’ve heard that IOG (IOHK) setup some anti-scam team, maybe their employees will notice and will be able to figure out this faster

So 27,934 ADA was moved on March 10, 2021. The detailed transaction flow is below

On exchanges, 1 Cardano address is definitely that connected only to 1 account.

So if it’s a hacker or his accomplice - there is a chance they can freeze the balance, as that address has a big balance, and maybe even the funds can be returned to the owner.

So here there were several transactions:

  1. 03/10/2021 7:47:22 PM

To address:


Transaction:Transaction 5ae256632cb6e610257c96ad64669f122e8528529d4637a4369e6be7c8d50227 - Cardanoscan

  1. 03/12/2021 9:49:39 PM

To address: addr1q9za0q0nwx4helvqz07k24ggzluwezv7evfrnpn9k4alrt2967qlxudt0n7cqylav42ss9lcajyeajcj8xrxtdtm7xksa8en9j


Transaction 1545e2d5bd9cb9826799737ec98c0bc2f9315eb6182dfb784c37facc884c43e9 - Cardanoscan 3) 03/12/2021 9:53:25 PM

To address: DdzFFzCqrhszAisfe4k7wNnA8Ue4L3AyHVpdeewZkyrfScRqRptz6RxzzVdbvYNscoq7cWyz69sECE2tKwC7gKFiqu5dzLZfTs3ez1xy

Transaction:Transaction 8b41ede26b6e69e88ec427bc92994edc0d45509d1ff9fd6e67242f81d0970224 - Cardanoscan

I’m 90% sure this is an exchange address, it’s still active and has 34,383.154398 ADA there and lots of transactions, including recently

So your thoughts, suggestions?

If the receiving address is of an exchange and you know which one, there might be a chance to retrieve it. But in no circumstance is it possible to freeze an address or retrieve funds. Sent ada is sent for always besides when the receiving party is sending it back.

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Yes that is an enterprise type of wallet which means an exchange wallet.
They can do anything with it, not your key not your coin. In exchange we just saw a number that managed by the exchange apps not the number in blockchain. It is possible they transfer to another enterprise address to make your asset looks like freeze in exchange interface.

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I know this. On Reddit somebody wrote it’s Kucoin address
So definitely I suggest this guy to contact Kucoin support
The small chance it will work, but it’s still a chance

Hi here the guys owner of the 27934 ada…i have a huawei p30pro on exodus happened.

This is the screenshot of the transaction with id and every data :ok_hand:

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Installing my wallet on another laptop appears recived the ada but not present in the wallet balance, wtf?!

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