Did you send me your ADA?


So this morning I noticed an extra 20kADA in my wallet. I have no idea where this came from or who sent it to me.

I am calling out as this may have been sent to me in error, or not.

20k ADA is a lot of money, if someone accidentally sent this, please let me know the address you sent it from and I will be happy to return it.

Today date is 15th February 2020 at 09:45hrs - I will keep this thread open for three months.

Many Thanks,



well thats the way you like to get up in a new day :smiley:

anyway really nice of you to give him a chance to get them back!

once again, cardano got the best community! :slight_smile:


btw i also made a tweet

but i didnt tag you there, because i didnt want that you get messaged from scammer and spammer :slight_smile:

you can retweet it if you want :slight_smile:

perhaps you left a QR code containing your ADA adress somewhere, someone decided to give you some money? :yum:

It’s a very new address and I haven’t given it out.

It’s strange, i don’t understand how it could be a mistake.

hmm… could it be someone that looked at your pledge address from your stakepool and sent it there?

I don’t have a stakepool.

Three options:

1 - someone purposely sent it
2 - someone accidentally sent it
3 - we have a system bug

I’m going with option 1. Now my address is… Haha

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Very good stuff sir,you are honest thats what i like,right owner must claim it with evidence .
:+1:honesty that counts in live you are good person.
Ps:maybe its mike novogratz and he like you 20k ada is nothing for him😁

Btw there was a good question on Twitter :smiley:
why dont you just send it back to the address from which you got the tokens? :smiley:

I considered this. However that address is empty. The ada could end up locked away, it could of even come from a malicious person, someone who took it from someone else.

You never know, someone could of even meant to send it to my address by picking one at random.

I followed the ADA back to an address with ADA still in it. That address has sent lots of ada out in different directions.

I will allow my set three months to expire, negating a ‘Theft by finding’ offence if challenged at a later date. I have taken what I deem an upstanding member of society would consider to be reasonable steps in locating the rightful owner.

Once these three months are up, if no one has come forward, I will start thinking about what to do


I hope you know that i didn’t mean to be negativ or cristim ^^

was just an idea but yeah you are right, imo if we find the owner its super cool, if not its also super cool for you! :smiley:

I didn’t take it as a criticism at all :slightly_smiling_face: - It is a good thought, and a natural one I already debated.

If the wallet had ADA in it, or didn’t then come from another wallet which once held a lot more ADA, all seemingly sent off in different directions, I would be more inclined to consider sending it back. Something just doesn’t sit right sending it back.


sure i got ya :slight_smile:

It’s only a few weeks away until 15th May 2020 (at 09:45hrs to be exact).

I live in the UK, where if someone finds / locates an item of value somewhere, that person does not have automatic right to claim ownership of it.

In the UK Theft is defined under Section 1 of the Theft act 1968: ‘A person is guilty of theft if he/she dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another, with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.’

Although there is not a specific offence of ‘Theft by finding’, this has become the nickname. It has been proven by case law, A person’s appropriation of property belonging to another is not to be regarded as dishonest… if he appropriates the property in the belief that the person to whom the property belongs cannot be discovered by taking reasonable steps."

The definition of “reasonable steps” would depend on the location where the discovery was made.

For example… If you find an object while walking through a forest or over rural land, away from any built up location. You can have reasonable believe you don’t have a chance of finding the person who lost what you found. - depending on the item, and the ability to prove ownership, a note with your details could be left for the owner.

Whereas if you find a lost object in a shop or on the highsteet it may not be so difficult to find the person who lost it; by asking in the shop or handing it in. This is the most honest and morally the right thing to do. Which gives a reasonable amount of time, for the owner to have every opportunity of finding their object, or for them to be identified.

If the owner doesn’t come forward or cannot be located after the finder has taken reasonable steps to locate them. Then the finder is able to claim the object (discovery) with a clear conscience, which removes the dishonesty factor from the definition of theft; therefore disproving theft.

Reasonable is looked at as would an average honest member of society agree.

  • as much as is appropriate or fair; moderate.
  • having sound judgement; fair and sensible.

To be open and honest I have taken the following steps:

  • Created a forum post on the most appropriate forum with the best chance of reaching the right community. (I am also aware of retweets of this forum post, to continue the efforts in locating the owner).

  • Sent a link to my forum post in other social platforms like Telegram.

  • Contacted EMURGO with the addresses involved. With their experience in looking at the block chain and their trust levels. They have compared the address against community support requests and addresses they are aware of to help trace an owner. Also following the transaction as far as possible.

  • Given a reasonable amount of time for someone to come forward either via this post or directly to IOHK, EMURGO or Cardano Foundation reporting the misplacement of their funds and able to give proof the ada belongs to them. (The entities are aware of this, so even if the original owner was not aware of my post, the entities would take this into consideration).

  • Giving advance warning prior to closing this thread, as another attempt at raising awareness of this post.

To continue with transparency to the community. I have spent the last couple months deciding what I could do with the ada. Well a couple months ago my fiance and I found out she is pregnant, we are expecting our first baby. - I would like to pass the ada onto the next generation to continue using. Therefore once the new paper wallets are available, I will put the ada on a paper wallet, it will not be touched until I hand it over to my son / daughter on their 18th Birthday.

I would like to thank everyone who help to find the original owner of the ada. It would have been good to find out where that came from and why it was sent to my address.

On the 15th May 2020 I will close this thread and keep a copy.

Kind Regards,