Cardano giveaway (there is no!)

Hello i sent my ADA to the life event site yesterday and I’m just wondering is there a specific amount of confirmations until the transaction occurs? Thanks

what did u DID???


Well I saw a live event on YouTube with Mr Hoskinson. And he would double what you send.

That’s my transaction address.

All types of such events are clearly scams!

There are no giveaways from any officals from Cardano.


Omg wow. Is there anyway I can retrieve my ADA

No there isnt. The only thing you can do is report the case to your local police and hope for the best.

Im sorry for you.

I’m so sad now. To be honest he didn’t mention anything about it and I wasn’t able to comment on the ‘livestream’ which was unusual. Can u help me then? I was looking forward to building my Ada portfolio and clearly got scammed

Wow so that’s it then.

I have a further question. Seeing that this was a scam. Are my exodus wallet funds now at risk because I sent ADA from it to the scammers.

No your other funds arent in risk if you didnt leak your private key or seed somehow.

Again im really sorry but there is nothing anybody can do for you in that case if the transaction has been confirmed.

you should keep in mind that NO ONE will give you ADA for free… NO ONE

and sorry for your ADA, it’s an expensive lesson

Truly is. Thanks for your help.

I was scammed aswell, right after i woke up, was still drowsy and didnt think it properly through, nothing we can do. Send all my ada, worst thing is that we didnt got hacked or anything we just send it to an adress by are own willingness. I never have been this mad at myself since a long time. Very expensive lesson, will feel this for a couple of days/weeks. life goes on.

Yeah, I know it hurts …

Hello guys,

Nice to meet you all here. There is currently another scam on youtube rolling. Please do report them as scams if you ever see that there. Also there are a couple of short videos (commercials) of possible cardano giveaways on youtube again, but please be aware those are all scam!!!

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It is so sad. I also got scammed, cant sleep now. I dont know why I wasnt thinking this through. I am thankful that I only sent half of my ada…

Mike in this world no one gives a tea in free how can u send ADA more than 6000 to someone account without googling or customer support for ADA,
May I know how much you transferred.

For the first since 1997, I have been scammed online, last night, with the “ADA Giveaway” video on Youtube.
Ultimately it was greed and a brain switch off for 15 minutes.
It was Saturday night, I’d had alcohol, I’d been researching ADA all week and hearing " a little bird has good news" type updates from Charles (not blaming BTW, but maybe the scammers played on this market tease"). I thought…“This is it, the announcement”.
I actually sold BTC to buy 4350 ADA to top up 1650 I had already bought over the last couple of weeks.
On Friday night there was a murder 100m from my front door. The plan in my head was that I could sell the ADA in April and move to somewhere safer. I was totally focused on that, again I had had some alcohol and been winning in Crypto since November. I guess I was arrogant as well as greedy.
I hope this update helps someone deal with their feelings of being scammed or it helps stop someone else from being caught out. It feels awful.
I’ve just shared my lessons with sons too about always Googling for a scam.
Good luck to you all.


That’s a lovely reply. Thank you Alex.

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