About the Report a Scam category (How to report scam)

WE DO NOT DO GIVEAWAYS - NEVER. If you want to report a fraud/scam (for example on YouTube), please follow this link to a portal for the community to report fraudulent sites, apps, videos, and social media accounts: REPORT SCAM

If you want to discuss a fraud/scam in this category please, do not post the link itself, rather make a screenshot of the link or write it in a way that the forum does not link directly to their site. (because this may give them credibility over link algorithms)

This summarises the Cardano giveaway scam problem in 10 minutes:

Rule #1 to avoid scams:

At this point, you’ve already figured out that we don’t do giveaways. :arrow_heading_down:


Not sure many people that own cardano will see this before they get scammed. Need to do more than a video


We can’t just count on Cardano Foundation to fix everything. We all must share information with each other and actively report the sites and channels. If you have social media spread the message. If you own a website, Discord or YouTube channel make a section just for this.
On my website cardanodefi(DOT)world I run a list of scam sites and YouTube channels. Also, I have a how to page on multiple ways to report them. Seems to be working. We turned one of the channels into Etherium scam channel instead lol.
We resolve this issue by sharing information with and educating all Cardano community.
Search, share and report.


Thanks for the effort. As explained above, we do not want to link from cardano.org to such sites. Since you link to such pages, I have changed the link so that it is not displayed as a link.

I encourage everyone to use the scam reporting portal linked above.

What we can do if we got scammed? Is there any institution such as Global Refund Group is it possible to fight for it to get it back or is it gone for good?
There is also a lot of companies that provide that kind of service, is this legit or another scam?

It’s all good :smiley:. I don’t link the sites, just have them as plain text. I do link to YouTube Channels (not videos) so people can go and report them directly, since multiple YouTube channels are allowed to have same names. However, since CFDB started most of those channels got removed! You guys(and/or gals) ROCK!
I’m just gonna remove report box from my website and put a link to CFDB for reporting. Just used it myself to report 2 channels and 4 website. Super easy and quick to use. You really should make “Report Scam” button and add it to the header. :+1:

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I also got scammed for 2500 ADA on May 30,2021.
Here is the address

There was a live video from ADA foundation with Charles. Please help to retrieve it.

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Got scammed out of 2913 ADA to wallet addr1q97x7tnnjumxgjv3nq98ym77unk8pva5xuh54flcycsgq72zjgrc8aq7eqyr0fh8zwk72up4epcz75p8ax8tnlxt3q4sctcjwn. Any help in retrieving it would be amazing. I feel so lost ATM that was everything I had invested. Please anyone with a way to help. I am desperate!!

my wife got scammed sending her 430 ADA coins to this address:


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Thanks man!
I have reported the video but it seems that it will stay at YouTube for some time. Man 4300 ppl watched it. Hope not all fall for it at least do a bit of search please. It sounds too good to be true guys.

Take care.

He is using YouTube Channel called: Charles Hoskinson (ADA)

I agree I just lost 220 thousand ADA in the YouTube scam and I don’t know what to do

Fell for a youtube scam just yesterday. Cant believe I did such a stupid thing and will treat it as a lesson on greed.

Sent to this adress:

Hope scammers will get struck by lightning!


Found this video and enjoy reporting scammers now! Dedicate 10 mins a day :smiley: Some sites even use chatbot-services so reporting to them too.


I have a business proposal about creating an Arab community
Who should I contact?

This scam link is still active now to fraud, popped up from YouTube live streaming
[Link removed by @napoles]

Scam in background Ada Info net. Charles please when you post please post something in the background of your feed to indicate there are no giveaways, I lost money because your warning didn’t hit until 10 minutes after i already lost my money. Please, please put something in the stream to help.

[Nevermind admins and mods, it’s about 4 simultaneous live streams all attempting to dupe unsuspecting newcomers. It’s probably not much can be done besides just hoping people do some research before sending anything to them. smh, too many scammers in the cryptospace - there has to be an easy solution to stop or shut them down.]

I feel so dumb, I got scammed out of 4,000 ADA on a live Youtube broadcast that looked so really legitimate. With the brand logo, support chat, and slogan that said “Upgrade New Release Giveaway” I’m new to the space so I had no idea this even existed…

If I would have just slowed down and checked the URL & fact-checked it with google I wouldn’t have lost 4k. Man, I feel like such an idiot, and usually, I can tell with these things. Stupid Youtube facilitating this scam. Can’t believe I fell for a scam, so if I fell for it don’t feel bad. @adatainment Thanks for the info!

Wish there was a wallet check of some kinda, and it would kinda of be like a code validator to see if there was anything wrong based on the wallet address.

You learn more from your failures than success, so take it as a life lesson. Just wished the crypto space had some kinda warning for new people!

I’m still in shock that even I got scammed. Here are some Wallet Validators for Crypto Coins. They still don’t have one for Cardano Yet, but hopefully, they make one in the future. #developers #NeverAgain