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Hello all,

I want to report possible scam - anyone heard about [Link removed by @napoles] ?!.
Theyre claiming that their coin (ADAA) is very similar to Cardano (ADA), even if its valued 0,1th of ADA original value.



Hello @bartpc24

You can report any scams to Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau at: Jira Service Management

Also, please remove active link from your post so their site doesn’t get higher ratings for being linked to official Cardano forum. :smiley:

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Hi there :slight_smile:

Edited as requsted

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Great to see these messages. to warn, great to see how you try to stop these scammers.

Lets try to inform autorities and ICAN management. There can be a chance that Alphabet will lose the Youtube.com domain if they are neglecting. They are responsible and cant hide behind red tape - behind the Privacy policy /terms …

Scams continue
Interview footage with Michael Saylor, Charles Hoskinson and Vitalik Buterin are used in these livestreams

Since the beginning of 2021 I use to inform autorities and the C-level responsible managers of Alphabet

corporatesecretary@abc .xyz, investor-relations@abc. xyz, copyright@youtube .com, sundar@gmail .com, charles.hoskinson@iohk .io <charles.hoskinson@iohk .io>, info-de@microstrategy .com, dns_admin@microstrategy .com

CEO COO Alphabet responsible executives, share holders and stakeholders


Still live via youtube.

You dont mind, you dont care.

We have filed the new series of youtube scam under Case 01081043

can you please stop these scams…

We have informed the european, Australian and US autorities with a copy under Case 01081043

Looking forward to your solution and responsible response.


Please send your experience to
globalsupport@ icann.org as well,
If there will be enough files, youtube / Alphabet will risk to lose the Youtube.com domain…
You will receive a ticket number from Icann

I had to use a space in every email adress (there is a limit of max 2 url’s to post comments in this forum)
good luck

great to see the possibility of filling out these forms via atlassian
I just filled out the form for 4 current live streams - December 20th 2021


Keep up the good work,

Got scammed right before Xmas for 6k ada, ultimately it was my fault, and having a fever from my booster shot. I believe Charles should add some scrolling banners to his live streams.
“We never give away ADA”

The live stream looked totally legit even had the Cardano logo with 644k subscribed to the channel. Here was the scam wallet I stupidly sent my coins to. They have been amassing a ton of ADA as seen on cardano.explorer


Makes me frustrated to support this project anymore since Charles public persona can so easily be hijacked. I know I’m an idiot, but still this sucks! Apparently it’s been going on this whole year, how many total coins have been scammed off of honest people believing in this endeavor.

I saw yesterday a youtube video of Charles Hoskinson question answer section with the add of “cardano22 Dot net”

I transfer my 3252 Cardano to get reward when I did not get my reward then I ask on cardano forums and sadly it was scam. I am about to cry, it was really hard earn money.

I send to this address:

Did I lost them forever?

Hello @makinda

Unfortunately yes, your adas are lost. Once a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, it is irreversible. I’m sincerely sorry this.

You can report the website at Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau. There they will put the site offline, but sites like that are created daily.


I sent my 1501 ADA to this address:
so you are not alone.

Site: [link deleted by @napoles]

Screenshot_20220117-073714_Samsung Internet

I got scammed out of 45000 ADA. I completely devastated. 5 years of working to the bone to scrimp and invest in crypto. All gone.

Scam transaction ID: Transaction | Cardano Explorer

Scammer wallet: addr1q9kfkle6grmj86s7l6tecfpq2xkd226tazsqpc8y6m4awunt0elhankxfvxmmfsxvxkelkxk2rd4wxsdxwkurm63ttgqgh0w9j

Youtube channels of scammers:

Scam website: [link deleted by @napoles]

More scammer domain: who.is/whois/[link deleted by @napoles]

Theft happen at: 2022-01-17 03:59:55
Total lost 45000 ADA


I got scammed tonight 23 January, from this address [Link removed by @Zyroxa] website I watched a YouTube channel giveaway, I was so stupid is they anyway to get money back please!

Same thing here today… youtube live with CEO… fake giveaway… 16527 ADA… found this topic after that. So sad… shitty day


Thanks for Sharing…!!
Be aware of this kind of scam. Whenever you seen something new than search about that on another platforms and news update sites and double check is it true or not.
After invest and connect with there.