I don’t know where or who to address my concern to, it is with regards to the
[Link removed by @Zyroxa] event. It was on youtube on the 16th of July.
Know I have hope for the worst but would like validation and verification that is it a fraud? It just looked so proper of a live stream of Charles and the authentic
I contributed to this event on 16/07/2021 PM and have not received anything in return as yet.
And also there was one yesterday as well.


Scam, sorry but there is no GIVEAWAY; the only way to earn free ADA si by delegating

Sorry for ur lost money

U can report it here

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Thanks mate just needed clarification as this was my first time. Irritating how we have low lives like these who pray of hard working folks.

Thanks again, Aaron

Yeah, that is our world unfortunately with fraud, scam and other illegal activities. :slightly_frowning_face:

Depending on the high of your lost, it could be wise, to go to your local police and report an offence.
Im so sorry to hear about your lost.

But the great news are, that it looks like the website was already taken down.

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I was wondering is there any way of retrieving it, are there any agencies that deals with these issues. Being cryptocurrency can’t they track down the transactions though?
That’s y I can not understand that when I was told by ada it was a scam after, couldn’t they trace the transactions through wallets (2500 of ada).

So basically crypto is just the same has banks in sence of sercurity level. Irony that I was never scam or hack by my from making purchases online using bankcards.



basicly and technical there is no direct way that you can get your Ada back. The best is if you report this crime to your local police and open an case. If they catch him there could be the possibillty to return some of your Ada. And this report prevent that the local tax authority asking you crazy questions about it.
Tracking the transaction is possible and some crypto-exchanges track and block illegal assets.

The security is the same or even higher and that you never were scammed or hacked before is great, but this one (cryptocurrency and crypto-scam) is a whole new field and the most people are not prepared to this. So to be your own bank have benefits and disadvantages.

I hope that these Ada’s are not to much of you whole portfolio.

Greetings from :de: Berlin!