¿This "Ada event" is scam?

Sorry, I am new to the community and I wanted to know if this even is real or scam:[LINK removed by @zyroxa]
I did not see any information about it on this official website or Telegram group. I am concerned that it is a fraud and peopel in the community are falling for it and losing their ADAs.
Excuse me but I am not well informed about it.
Grettings! !

nobody gives you free ADA…
you buy them and then if you want you have the chance to be part of cardano network by delegate / stake them on a pool
then you hate rewards, only if the pool produce blocks on an epoch :wink:

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Hi Hoyle1898
Yep scam

These scammers are obviously having some wins, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of these adverts.

Spread the word : Nobody is sending anyone FREE ADA

The message to share with people :

When is the last time someone (a stranger) went up to anyone in the street and said
“Give me all the money in your pocket, i’m just going to pop down the road for a minute and when i come back i will give you double what you give me !!!”


Yes this is clearly a scam.

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Hey all,
i was DUUMMM enough to fall into THAT very trap. I was so into cardano documentaries and videos and i found that live stream on youtube blblabla. i was waiting for the return transaction, which never came… I feel sooooo depressed and ashamed…
donnow what to say. no chance to get these ADA back, right?

No there is nothing anyone could do for you to get them back.

You definitly should report the case to your local police and hope for the best.

Im sorry :frowning:

sorry to listen this. that can happen to everyone.
since years we have to be more careful, especially with the digital world.

i hope you recover fast and look forwards, this is not the end :slight_smile:
smile and find your way my friend.

I also lost 5000 ada to this site [Link removed by @Zyroxa] (mod can remove link is 100% fraud their wallet address is addr1q9ael9he9gustayv77svg492lz8t23x0v5960mlf4aphtw2yty9ap7ujmm2zyxhn9x2lhetcqlscq4u900ysn8qmdjuq7r6zsy

For me the situation was i was really enjoying the whole ada project. And looking forward for the 1 march release. So i got a text message from a friend that he is watching a cardano livestream and they give away free ada. So dumb as i am i went to the site and in my mind i tought maybe they do this because of the coming release as a bonus. And when i clicked send… i felt like what have i done. I went to the official site of cardano and saw nothing about this free ada campaign. I also feel ashamed and dumb for what i did. Lost 5000 ada… ofcourse i can go to police and report but there is nothing they can do i think. Pls blacklist these receiving addresses.
After researching i also found another site doing the same and their address is