Scam Website, and LIVE youtube chanel

It’s a SCAM
There is a scam is going on youtube and they said they will give you 2500 ADA on this website: [link removed by @Zyroxa]
youtube LIVE:
[link removed by @Zyroxa]

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Charles H. stated himself - No one is giving away ADA. This is an ongoing issue in the crypto space. I believe Charles started to develop a department for scams and frauds - but I haven’t seen it for myself yet.

Nothing for nothing gets nothing.

Scammers really hurt adoption and crypto-curious people. Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention!

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Thanks for the report. I forwarded the URL to the team to take it down.


As a side note, there is a dedicated Telegram channel with crypto related scam examples (Telegram: Contact @ScamExamples) I’m not affiliated with it but I find it rather informative. Even though most of them do concern Bitcoin for now, it could very well apply to Cardano in the future.

No every one have time or check the social media every day.

Blaming the victim is how you solve it?

I do not believe anyone is blaming any victims.

Many people reporting scams are honestly admitting their greed.

Some people who have reported that they would not have fallen for the scam had they Searched the Web, Inspect the YouTube Channel, or checked the forums.

So, it is a joint fault in my perspective: part Cardano needing to protect the community and part victim failing to be prudent.

I personally do not expect something for nothing, such as: “You send us 1, You get 3” type of situations.

Hi, thanks for your care.
But I am not a victim and I am not getting scammed. I just see that thousand of people seeing that live video and afraid that some of them will get scammed so after trying to report that scam video I want to remind the community to take action against this kind of scams so I posted on this forum.
I hope we all can fight those all scammer together.

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Hy there. I am new to the crypto scene and I LOVE what cardano brings to our world. So yes, I am a victim of this scam because this scam is build up nearly perfect. So I ask my self, we talk about security and future but is there realy no way to get back my 2500 ADA? Is there realy nothing I can do?

Thank you for your answer.

Regards Jay

You might want to try getting in touch with CipherTrace Defenders League. No such thing as a guaranteed success. But you asked if there was a way and I think it might be one. Having never been myself in this position, I do not know about their efficacy, only that CipherTrace is one of the well-known tools for cryptocurrency analytics.