Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

It happens practically daily that new topics are created to report those videos, and we don’t want to end up with 1000 different topics. (we will merge all topics here in this thread)

It is unfortunately also questionable whether it helps to report these videos or not. People have to understand that this is a highly automated process, the scammers are overtaking other youtube channels and starting the live videos from the hacked channels.

UPDATE: if you want do report a YouTube fraud/scam video, use the new tool in this thread: About the Report a Scam category (How to report scam)

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Another pattern I noticed with these: no comments allowed (otherwise the first thing you’d see when going to the page are “this is fake”). The blank comment area makes the scams easier to spot if you’re only looking for a second. When would there ever be a Cardano or Charles Hoskinson video with no comments? :crazy_face:

Scam running right now.
How can we get these stopped?

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Just report it via Youtube, but there is not really much we can do against such scams…

If everyone who reads this post officially “reports” the YouTube video, it will be taken down in no time. Specifically look for the flag below the SUBSCRIBE button:

Screenshot from 2020-10-11 15-43-19

… then report it as a Scam or Fraud which is under the “Spam or misleading” heading:

Screenshot from 2020-10-11 15-42-57

Ticking the box that the “links in video description” are also fraudulent might also stop the page from coming up on the relevant hashtag feeds. Once the video’s blocked, it will limit the damage that can be done, but any incoming link to this page is bad publicity for Cardano & might help to avoid that.

Flagged straight away as a scam with an explanation and it is still running.

Been a lot of Crypto scams on YouTube lately this one is impersonating the foundation Broadcasting live now. 100% fake beware of any Coin giveaway or send me one coin I’ll give you two scams!

Looks like they list the scam website address of cardano-ada. Info DO NOT VISIT it is a scam.

Scam video here: SCAM SCAM WARNING


That one was shut down another fake one popped up at:

Please report it as spam

Another scam one here:

Another scam homepage please report:

This isn’t the hydra before Shelley I wished for. Report one, three more pop up.

linked scam sites (added nofollow tags to prevent linking): (links to the site below)
Cardano Foundation 100.000.000 ADA Giveaway Airdrop – Telegraph (links to the site below)

8 livestreams at once wtf?



This looks like it’s going to be a major problem.
I guess that’s what you get with a 3bn market cap coin…

@Andy_Hendrikx @Katsumoto
Do we have a counter scam “task force” for this type of situations?
(besides our dear @Donnybaseball).
If not, is that something CF is thinking about/willing to consider/happening in the community?
I’m sure you’ve considered this, but if the scams keep scaling as Shelly rolls out, that would be disconcerting.


for context:

“…decrease the attack vectors of projects. in this case i think the attack surface for such exploitations is quite wide, i mean cardano has a presence on a whole bunch of social services without much thought to how these affect security as they just increase the attack surface. i forecast we’ll see a swarm of such exploitations before year end as the price increases having decentralised, hit coinbase etc. if you’ve noticed such social engineering exploits didn’t/don’t happen much for bitcoin as the window for when it was affordable and shallowly adopted has passed. eth on the other hand - given that it has just the right amount of adoption and potential upside - has been plagued by them to the point that even elon musk has commented on them, praising their (bots) ingenuity. cardano, given its wide adoption and huuuge upside, is this and then some.
*> *
> increase the positive via informing the audience. i’m a believer in the ability and power of creative expression as a powerful source of learning. it’s through stories after all that we have evolved to solve problems and an idea i’m evolving is one that utilises the pervasive medium of music to meme-ify spread like a virus simplified concepts of crypto with the intent of making people less gullible…”

@rin9s they @Cardano have “too many moderators” so chances are probably not…

Yes - and without speaking on the behalf of anyone - I can see lot of actions being taken behind the scenes, over the weekend.
But as is often the case, when a flood of 100 youtube videos take place - its a game of whack-a-mole.
The user accounts / channels are being reported - as the videos are adhoc and taken down shortly by the author himself.

Besides the security guidelines, on chat platforms - there are announcements being done via official channels to not fall for such giveaways since quite a while, and every new member is asked to look at safety & security guideline when joining the groups.

Its something that plagues the ecosystem - especially in cryptocurrency as people can easily hide their identities leveraging shortcomings of the common social platforms.

*Edit: I replied to fair query from @rin9s - because actions are not publicly visible, and it needed to be replied.

I’ve got no interest to directly engage with the guy below who I personally havnt seen help people much, but only create noise against personnels with his own perception of how things are, raise unnecessary conflicts - if there are concerns seen, they’re raised and followed up be it with or against any entity , its just not done in a way that people/media without any background can judge and take out of context.

Most of the ambassadors are here not for any “pay” or “title”, some of us have been trying to answer community queries and contribute since 3-4 years.


i think a valuable response here isn’t one that points to the obvious least effort put in with a questionable mitigation results.

you’re inferring that facing adversaries with near infinite resources and exponentially increasing motivation - going against them armed with sticks and stones will yield a positive outcome for the community?

this is absurdly disingenuous.

i understand that as an ambassador your are towing the line, lest you do or say something that upsets the administration overlords and lose your pay and title.

Administration Overlord here checking in.

Two quick things I want to address here. First is that our best tool to solving this problem is mass-reporting these videos, so the more reports the community is putting through the better. We’ve been coordinating some of that through Slack and Telegram, but anything you (or anyone) can do to contribute would be meaningful.

Secondly, your feedback on the attack vectors is meaningful—and actually one of the reasons why we just recently overhauled our web presence so that everything lives on the domain.

Finally, while I appreciate your frustration that you were not chosen to become a moderator or ambassador, there was a whole separate topic posted about that, in which I spent a good chunk of time detailing my reasoning and thoughts for the sake of transparency, and with the hopes of helping you to understand our reasoning. You didn’t respond to that thread—instead you simply continued to air the same grievances elsewhere in the forums, as though the admin responsible for making the decision hadn’t personally come out to offer to discuss this with you. This leads me to believe that you’re not actually particularly interested in understanding the situation—only in complaining about it.

With that in mind I feel comfortable making the decision that your presence on the forums isn’t a constructive one, and I have elected to give you a weeklong ban from our channels. I hope you change your mind and decide to play this a little more collaboratively.

Also, if you feel concerned about it, I want to assure you that this decision was made by me, and I am fully responsible for it.


Thanks for the response guys @rdlrt @CaseyMonroeCF!
I will reply here to you both if you don’t mind :slight_smile: .

Is there a reason why this would be “behind the scenes”?

That’s very good. But only protects the community really.

I understand this is far from simple.

So should we set up some infra for that perhaps? A digital location dedicated to scam reporting, automating the reporting a bit, etc.

I think I will take the rest of it to a separate topic, and you shall be tagged :wink: . Thank you both!