Decentralised Distributed Disruption ~ D³. (counter scam “task force”)

in reference and response to:


i’ve been raising the alarm on this for well over a year but to no actionable response.

a shit storm lie ahead of us

although precious time has been lost not all hope is lost.

prevention is better than cure, there’s still some prevention that we can do.


the following will be some thoughts of how i (hopefully, preferably alongside you?) intend to contribute towards minimising the damage.

your ideas are welcome, irrelevant petty quibbles about wikis are not.

There are scammers in all other coin communities. They scam the dumb, if you have half a brain you have nothing to worry about. I don’t say that those who dumb deserve to die but… those who dumb deserve to die.

I think what Charles saying lately about scammers hurts Cardano more than scammers. Take a look at this dirt someone wrote about him:

I don’t agree with none of it. Hoskinson’s brows knit. The criticism is personal: “How would you feel if someone came up to you and said: ‘so when did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop being a child molester?’”

But this is what happens when you are the CEO of the organization and say statements like this the media will pick it up and make it look bad as possible. He should NOT say anything like this in the future because it hurts the brand more than scammers.

“Those who dumb deserve to die” is such an outlandish thing to say. Sending ada or money to someone in hopes they send more ada or money back IS dumb, but that dumbness is often a product of naivety and desperation. Most days I myself feel smart, but I’ve certainly done enough dumb stuff that when framed a certain way, one might consider me dumb. I DON’T DESERVE TO DIE, PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! :slight_smile:

And in regards to Charles Hoskinson, I believe that he is as equally entitled to make statements you disagree with as you are entitled to make statements I disagree with.

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