Cardano Scam - Just lost £6000 of ADA

Hi Guys- I just now lost nearly £6000 ada by sending to a scammer address. Anyways I can get them back. Any help would be highly appreciated. I saw a YouTube video and send all my cardano to make it double. Really stupid.

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Hey @Rahul_Sharma1

Im really sorry but theres no way to get your funds back. We are warning our community across all our channels about such scams. :frowning:

See here : Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

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This video summarizes everything you need to know:

Oh no man. I have the address where I sent to. And a screen shot of the transaction details. This is a huge portion of my salary saving I invented in cardano. This video is still going live on YouTube and it looks like from a genuine channel of official Cardano channel.

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Why I didn’t see this before :sob::sob:

Hi @Rahul_Sharma1 ,

I am so sorry to hear your loss. It’s a hard lesson for sure. There is no way to get them back :slightly_frowning_face:

Once more, DO NOT FALL FOR A SCAM (Youtube, unofficial Daedalus/Yoroi wallet, Twitter, etc.)

  • “You DO NOT get something for NOTHING
  • “Use your COMMON SENSE
  • “If you give YOUR money to SOMEONE else, they WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK

Please watch this dedicated video created by Charles Hoskinson


CF should be doing more to protect the community or at least support the law enforcement entities. It is getting out of control.
I wrote an email to CF with a very well documented case including police case number for law enforcement.

So far no repliy from CF. It seems that they don’t really care. Busy exchanges already answer my emails.

It seems that supporting and protecting the community is not a priority for CF.

Sorry but thats definitly not correct. The Cardano Foundation does care about protecting the community, but what do you expect them to do?

You are an ambassador, I would be very grateful if you can tell me what shall I expect from CF?

I am asking you what you think we should do. We are already educating and warning our community all over every channel we have.

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You must understand that, unfortunately, no one can reverse transactions. No one. Not Charles, not Cardano Foundation, not someone from Emurgo. That’s what our space is all about: no one should have that control.

You alone have the power to control your funds. And with that power comes responsibility. If you sent your money believing that you will get back the double, this was your decision. No one can get your money back. I’m really sorry.


I would be very grateful if CF reply my email

I am not talking to get my money back. I was talking to about CF cooperate with the authorities to get to the people responsible. This is about fighting the organized crime.

I recently watched a video of Charles Hoskinson saiying that CF can help the authorities to find the scammers, if I am not mistaken, he said: within two weeks! So is he just bla bla bla?

I would be very suprised if he said something like that. Do you have the video for that quote? Because imo its close to impossible to find and track down all those scammer groups as they operate from different continents/countries.

Min 8:18

Correct me if im wrong but i dont think hes talking about the Cardano Foundation, hes probably talking that the goverments doesnt care about that.

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Yes you are wrong, he is saying that he offered help to the government to find scammers. But CF alone can’t do it, because needs law enforcement. It seems that in US the government doesn’t care or it is not a priority. But he certainly said that within two weeks they can get to those people.

I believe it can be traced to a exchange or somewhere. I traced some back to everstake. Someone needs to be trancing these scammers and following the trail.

Yes, I also think it is possible.

Someone have to stop them. So far, we know that they are scammers. We don’t know if ADA is being used to finance other criminal activities, which is very likely. I think it could hurt the whole project.

I don’t see full adoption without the protection of the community. These scammers are getting a lot of financial resources and probably can get more sophisticated to steal more resources. If it gets out of control, authorities will have more concerns about crypto.

Totally agree with you as I LOST $6000 of my 8 month saving

I am sorry to hear that! Unfortunately there is not so much help here, at least from CF.
Binance at least put the scammer address in their blacklist. So it will prevent that more people fall.