Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

Its a scam hosted in Russia.

Thanks for flagging Leon.

Takedown procedure has been started.

Hopefully nobody else will fall for this scam. Is there a way to retrieve your sent ADA to this scam address? or to block this address to receive ADA?


As I said, to avoid discussions on how they’re tackling it, more often than not - scammers are amidst normal users on social platforms. Its important to not make everything available to prying eyes.

It is something that most of the projects have to work painfully with the social media platforms (especially for cryptocurrency and gaming), Cardano was exposed to this scamming platform for the first time. There have also been lawsuits for example on YouTube recently by other projects, but unfortunately results are really working with one on one channel/account basis, with every report.

What would also be good is for people to report such channels (not videos as videos are hidden quickly) to Telegram group below:

If you’re not on telegram, we are anyways capturing channels on forum and adding ones not raised before to the list.


Not just Russia also US and UK, did the mistake of going against my cardanal rules and as a result scraped the wrong IP ended up with the address of the server by the time I got back the domains were shut down however I did report it to the Host of the domains in question.

In saying this the address of the Host is suite 405 but the location of the server was Suite 300, so it’s more than likely the host owns both physical locations.

Welcome @Leon_Verhoef

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This Morning I found about 8 Videos on YouTube that were fake scam videos on Cardano, and I reported ALL of them!


I’ve been reporting them constantly, but it seems like a never ending battle. It’s unbelievable that Youtube is so incompetent they can’t create a team dedicated to removing fraudulent bad actors.


They cant. They can only filter words. I did a video

What IOHK can do is make similar video and use YouTube ads to show on Cardano related keywords.

Search volume isn’t too big wouldn’t cost much. It would show on top of every search before this pile of s*it.

As I wrote in article scammers are sure to apply this to other cryptos, QR code thing is scary.

It’s live around for 20 hours. I wrote a complaint to Youtube two time, but nothing has changed

[link deleted by @RobJF. Thanks but it’s better not to publicize these. You can also email]

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The “so many people” who spot this can only bleet to warn others.
What a currency needs is the ability to send dark, “blocking money”… to needless add extra time,
and limit their ability to download transactions… whilst their fate is a community vote.
The more that is sent, the longer a true scammer will wait, spammed by so many good-guys.
I will donate 1 pence in ADA to get back ten-fold, when medieval blow torch and pliers no longer suffice.


any suggg?

Sadly working on automating Corona Vaccine, but will put my idea into next Catalyst round. Distributed OpenCV based systems to spot and report. Maybe have humans allocated 24/7 to that ‘‘final check’’. See "Fat-Yuri Pipe’’ as the new project name for the concept of “Dark Blocking Money”.

1 Like I am thinking trying Julia on this, it is faster than python, and will be easier to get than C/C++ unless they are old assember hackers like myself. Soon we will all be dead or dulally in gaga land, so please can some younger peeps get involved in this project idea. Crypto is so new, so blend old-school and new skills.

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LOL! I’m not sad you are working on the vaccine!

[link removed]

Warning scam!

Hi Donny, would you please delete the link? Probably better not to publicize these at all, in fact, just report it to Youtube.

Edit: I always forget, I can do that now! :smile:

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Would it be more effective if multiple people report it?

Yes of course but I’m just repeating what the mods in here say, on balance better not publicize. You could put a comment on the video encouraging others also to report it.

(Despite my editing privileges I’m not actually a mod.)

I did try to put comments in it but for whatever reason I can’t see them when I’m not logged into YouTube. I’m not sure if that is because YouTube shadow banned me or the scammers hid my comments.

I’m so stupid, I got scammed. This is the youtube video that I thought was for real. How stupid can I be…

[link removed by @RobJF – see discussion above for reason]