Cardano Community Anti Fraud Ring : How could we?

Unfortunately, most of the people getting scammed out of ADA are those who did zero research before sending their ADA. Some people need to learn the hard way that you cannot get something for nothing and there is no such thing as get rich quick. There will always be 5-10% who fall for this.

Having pages set up to warn people only helps protect those who are smart enough to look for more information. So we cannot protect the simpleminded who want to get rich quick without putting in the work or thought.

So how do we protect those who actually look for clarity? I like your idea of the browser plugin or maybe a discord or other chat service. Like many of us, I work from home. So I have the privilege to sit in a chatroom in the background and I could be “activated” to take action if a scammer or fraudulent account or website is discovered.

I do want to stress that I support taking action ONLY against fraudsters and scammers and not people who might be bad mouthing Cardano or have a differing of opinions than our own. Creating a volunteer watchdog collation with clearly defined goals and objectives would be great but isn’t that kind of what the Cardano Foundation is?

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Ive been reporting repeatedly to YT, even sent a message thru IG. Good work here trying to inform more and find solutions. Thank you.

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The more I report the videos on youtube as spam or misleading, ( videos about cardano, eth and btc) the more of them show up on my feed!

I think reddit is the way. This forum doesn’t have enough participation yet.

We form an anti-scam subreddit, then have people post a link whenever they find a video. Then everyone who sees it can go report. It can be like a fun little game of whack-a-mole. Maybe over time we can even figure out some way to make a sport out it and have a donations section, with the ADA acquired given out as rewards to get more people into this.

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Funny thing I mentioned YouTube income in my introduction post and now this scam starts floating around. Here’s how they do it.


Definitely. That’s why I put ‘Fraud’ is in the title.

I’m not sure this is a discussion we need to get into here.
For all intents and purposes our goals are to keep our little corner of the web tidy and clean of scammers (and preserve Cardano’s credibility as a brand). So, no need to protect anyone in particular.

Don’t take it from me, you heard the big man, they need us -

Can I sign you up @rlewisgrover?

Hi all! the number of testimonials that were ripped off … again yesterday I spoke with a um member on the eToro platform who owned no less than 10k in which he lost it, he got ripped off to try to win more than ADA. Incredible how morons who steal from ADAs don’t even realize that in the end it only damages Cardano’s image and also the goods they stole …

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OK everybody! Great discussion! Thank you all.
Now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal :blue_car:.

Which of us would like to join the Ring?
@ADAnycoin @randalert @rdlrt @precious_access

I feel that we have some outline of a vision and the scope we are after.

If any of us step up, I will have no choice but to put my money where my mouth is :money_with_wings: and actually come up with what comes next. So put me to folks, who wants to see some results?

@MelanieDawn, @Donnybaseball, @Trigger & @necropuddi are in. Beautiful quintet. signup filling up nicely. Who else?

What are you proposing? Think I’m unclear. Thank you.

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Hey Melanie!
I’m suggesting that whoever is interested should get together and discuss what we are going to do? How we’ll make the space safer? And what, and how much we’d like our members to contribute, together.

That’s still some prep work for me to do, so we can do that :slight_smile: .

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Sure, yeah I’m open to the discussion. Not sure how I’ll be able to contribute, but interested to see if I can.

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That’s all that’s required. Welcome aboard @MelanieDawn! The Ring is now live :space_invader:.

All 3 from YouTube July 15/20

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There is a telegram channel for reports like that, so admins can take care of stuff like this.

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Yes! Not starting yet @MelanieDawn :slight_smile: .
Let’s see who else joins and we’ll find a forum to discuss next steps.

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I’m really good at watching videos on YouTube but pretty bad at actual computer stuff. Happy to help put the right people together and facilitate something though.


That’s brilliant @Donnybaseball, watching videos on YouTube is one of our top desired skills :man_dancing:.
I don’t really see any actual computer stuff being involved, so no worries :man_technologist:.



count me in my friend


@rin9s You have my sword

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Cardano browser add-on or merged with Yoroi where you’ll be able to both donate (websites), rate and flag, and able to see current content rating.

Something like Brave browser philosophy (BAT). Web properties that participate can claim ADA (and check if they earned some) if they don’t it goes to treasury after certain time.

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