Reporting Abuse, Infringement and Impersonation E.G. giveaway scams on YT

Many of us have seen the scams, fakes, stumbled upon Cardano scammers, I attempted to report the following video multiple times to the server abuse department in RU and YouTubes infringement departments, but I have no legal recourse documentation nor email header to do so, so it falls on deaf ears, abuse departments in every NOC take your complaints seriously I used to when I worked that department, but it was overwhelming, after a while you make friends with other abuse departments and learn when a priority email came thru. Cardano needs a report abuse right on its main page for this exact reason a specific department that deals with all things abuse to be able to escalate from regular reporters like me and be able to contact other abuse departments to make clear there is a real threat and it should be taken seriously. I have found minimal support on this site for such abuses. I really hope Cardano makes it possible for us to help them by implementing a report of abuse directly on their main page for quick and easy access to stay on top of such instances just like the video attached which I have reported multiple times but can’t do much about as I am an army of one. Lets make 2022 a better year and work together when we see spammers and scammers, we can change things. One report at a time.

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