Scam youtube channel impersonation! 1/11/24

I was stupid enough to fall for the 1 for 1 scam. Someone has hacked your YouTube and is doing a Cardano Giveaway at [link removed by @Zyroxa]

My Address: addr1qxwa0tmw3a63x09krxe8gu85ucvq2up3npts9yw5zwhmrvgp2xq3flm2q2qpyn6vmdhefh0j37jg3xmjxkvy7gqxz33qtdu34u

Address I sent to:

Can you be more specific? Whose YouTube channel was “hacked” how?

Usually those scam giveaways just come as ads.

(link removed: this is a scam site)

(link removed: this is a scam site)

This YouTube came up when searching for Cardano

Im sorry. Here is the correct website address. Long day at work and my brain is fried.

EDIT: Deactivated link. Please no links to scam sites here. We don’t want to give them additional backlinks.

It appeared very legitimate on the organization site.


Anyway, reported it for impersonating someone else.

The Cardano Foundation is at:

Thanks for reporting, Sean. I too, reported the video as scam/fraud. I find it hard to believe that its still live after reporting. I find it odd that this fake account is at the top of the search when you look for Cardano in the youtube search field. Why would they promote to the top something that is scamming people, and why are they allowing this account to still function after reporting that I had lost 1,497 ADA (dollar equivalent).

I’d guess that they are pretending to do a live stream helps in getting high in the search results.

Also, they seem to have just renamed an old account. It says that it is from 2013 and has 27k subscribers. Might also trick the algorithm into thinking it is relevant.

Probably, the YouTube moderation team has a quite long queue and rather reacts in days than in minutes.

Thanks for the reply, Sean. I am wondering if this is now related. My Coinbase account was Blocked tonight and when I called, they said that there is an error message when trying to Unblock my account. The representative said that there is no specific time frame to unblock my account and that it was sent to a specialist to look into the matter. That I should receive an email when the account is unblocked or if any additional information is needed. I recently opened the account about two weeks ago and funded it via same name wire. My account was verified in the beginning when I uploaded my license. They then asked for my SSN twice when I was using the platform. Any ideas or have any of you heard about this happening to others before? I read that they will block accounts related to OFAC. Is it possible that the address I sent to and was scammed is listed on OFAC? My funds are frozen and unable to touch for an “unknown” amount of time.

For security reasons, your Coinbase account has been locked. While it is locked, no one (including you) will be able to perform any activities or transactions from the account.

To regain access, simply follow the instructions from the Coinbase Help Center:

Remember, Coinbase will never:

  • Ask you to download any software or provide remote access to your computer
  • Ask you for your password, two-factor codes, or private seed phrase
  • Ask you to send funds to an unknown destination

Thank you,
The Coinbase Team

Most likely not related.

The scam account you sent to has just received transactions from two other victims and there was no other activity at all:
Not that successful – that scam.

I never heard of any OFAC labelling of scammer accounts on Cardano at all, let alone of that having an influence on the victims sending to that scammer account.

Probably an incidental problem at Coinbase.

There was a security concern. After providing my identification and selfie, I was able to restore my account. I was able to make a buy to day, however, when I went to sell on a swing trade, I received a restricted notice that I am unable to sell. I connected with live support and was told the following: To safeguard against potential loss and for security reasons, your account is currently ineligible to sell, send and withdraw transactions but not worries, this restrictions will be removed after 2 February 2024. So much for swing trading to accumulate free coins each day. Have you ever heard of this before?