Community Initiatives - possible subcategory for scams/security/reporting all inclusive

[Just going to paste the convo and suggestion received below.]

Thank you for any consideration given for simplicity and ease, within the Cardano Forum, for the sake of the growing community, to see clearly, and find/access easily, all sites and references currently active and available for reporting the where/how/to whom, etc. of scams and fraudulent posts, videos, everything.

@rin9s @Donnybaseball @Trigger @necropuddi Hello. Two of us met today online. I do see what you’re saying about the wiki Scams page and Security.

As a newcomer to the Cardano Forum, and of this entire world of information opening up before me with crypto, etc., it would be nice to have a Category to direct all these site offerings into one area. It feels scattered and I’ve looked through most of the categories currently available.

Q: Is it possible to ‘simply’ have a new Sub-category created under Community Initiatives called Scam Awareness/Reporting (or to that effect) where each and every member of the Cardano Community, being that is is global, can post the current scams/screenshots/links, [whatever], etc., happening in their area. This along with the wiki/security-related info/links already here- this way making it easily visible upon entering Forum?
It would be inclusive, running with the internal culture.

- Perhaps within it can hold a header of its own that says ‘We care about our Cardano community and encourage you to get involved. Let’s educate each other about scams to help ensure our safety and that of others.’

Can it be this easy? As a new Forum Member, it is not easily found, but it is essential to educate. I do not know who would review this to yay or nay, just sharing my thoughts.
As Lark Davis says “but, those are just my two Satoshis”.

Thanks everyone, and thank you @rin9s for our time. It was well worth it.

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Seems like a pretty good idea to me, you should post the suggestion in :smile:


Great job @MelanieDawn pushing the conversation forward!
Looks like you also pasted Rob’s reply on your post…

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