Community Initiatives category

I think there should be a Community Initiatives category on the forum.

When the Guardians were active, if it had existed, this would have been the place for posts related to that activity. Similarly, Cardano Wiki and all other initiatives arising from the community, as opposed to the Trinity, would find their home here, rather than being mixed in with all the other stuff in Random.

Any comments?


Good idea Rob!


Excellent idea! There should be a section devoted to it, so people can easily find Community Initiatives! :slight_smile:


Could elaborate on the types of things you are thinking about when you say “initiative”? Could we include a “marketing ideas” sub forum/thread?

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Absolutely. As I see it, it would mainly be for Cardano related activities that community members are doing or thinking about doing, such as marketing, stake pools, Guardians/Watchdogs type activities, community councils, Cardano charity drives and competitons, etc, etc.

There are bound to be gray areas. For instance, posts on technical aspects of stake pools should probably go in Developers. Guardians/Watchdogs type concerns should probably go in Random for maximum visibility, with proposals for action coming in here.

Another type of post that would fit here are those seeking or offering services for community initiatives. For instance, I’m considering offering a proofreading/copy editing service to stake pools and any other Cardano related activity from the community. I’m sure in time other “sub-contractors” will appear. To be honest, it was in this context that the idea of the Community Initiatives category first came to me.

But let’s have other suggestions on how this should work. I’m just throwing the idea out there, it’s not up to me whether it happens, or exactly how it should be used if it does.


Well then let me be the first to share an initiative that has just been put in motion over the last few days in NYC.

We are organizing a guerrilla marketing campaign that holds the potential to infiltrate the entire U.S. public with the Cardano gospel. Literally. It’s the idea, the singular core action, that is so compact - it’s like a nuclear weapon. No, it’s like the blueprint on how to build nuclear weapons.

Here’s why this idea has so much potential.

  1. It can be carried out for very little cost.
  2. The foundation of the movement is built upon a single simple action. Everyone in the movement will be focused on the same goal, carrying out the same action. This will build a strong sense of solidarity and community.
  3. The goals are clearly defined and progress can be easily tracked.
  4. Again, the action can be very easily carried out each day, which makes it far more likely that people will do it.
  5. The action is quasi-illegal (the research I’ve done shows that it’s not illegal, but there’s a perception that it is), which makes it more exciting/cool/subversive.
  6. The message that the action produces makes a powerful statement that Ada is the evolution of $.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this idea has the potential to be more substantial than the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Think “Occupy Wall Street” meets Banksy.

What we need is boots on the ground. We need an army. The Cardano community can be the underground version of the yellow vests in France. I for one have had enough of the old systems that are diseased with ego and deception. I’ve had enough and I’m willing to DO something about it!

Let’s get out from behind the screens and ENGAGE! Cardano has the potential to make the world a better place in a major way. But it won’t without people DOING.

If you’re interested, start by liking this post.

For those who want to know exactly what the idea is, I’ll share it via PM. I kinda want this to be a grass roots movement so I’m avoiding putting it out there in a public forum.


Yeah, good idea


@maki.mukai @jonmoss

Any chance of making this happen guys?

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Absolutely excellent idea! Done and done! :white_check_mark:


Thank you Maki! :grin:

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