Cardano giveaway (there is no!)

I olso sent my ADA 2200 ol I got,I was so excited for cardano project and when I sen Carls giveawey I touth was a genorous men he is.And no clire thincking olso english are not my first lenguage but rensponsibility is ol mine.

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You’re not alone !!! I lost 26000 ada last night through greed ! cannot believe my own stupidity I feel for all of you in the same position, I’m gutted and kicking myself today, this will sting for one hell of a long time.

Add 5000 of my only ADA to the fire. Really got fooled, really sucks. Lesson learned.

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Arrrrgghhh!!! I was also absent minded enough to believe this, and sent them 11,550 ADA, before the Super Bowl…

Fake scammer site, still up: [LINK removed by @Zyroxa]
Scammer’s address: addr1q9ycnmgsnnfcstlgultlsj2lpz6lemaz89ek7zf90vk5e5yz2hgrq604xr0773lhp2hhu9l5vd4cvrsgum8y85yc33zs0s2zu3

I’m usually the one friends and family come to for advise about phishing/online scams, so I’m more shocked that I fell for it, than I am about the money… still, a very expensive lesson.

One thing I would ask everyone here who got scammed, is to report it to Coinfirm, more specifically, using their “Reclaim Crypto” product here: RECLAIM CRYPTO | Coinfirm

They’re not a scam, their main gig is getting the crypto industry to adopt anti-money laundering practices, which allows them to investigate stolen crypto as a side gig. They don’t promise you’ll get your coins returned right away, but the more people report the same scam, the bigger picture they’ll get, and maybe, maybe… one day, maybe… they’ll have enough evidence for authorities to make a conviction and then we can get our coins back, cause it’s traceable to victims. We just need to file a claim and be patient, understanding it’s a long term investigation process. Watch an interview with the Confirm founder here: www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=pOn7gGg_vtc

Please! please! please! File a claim with Coinfirm like I did (said no to fee prioritizing claim): The more of us file a claim, the higher profile we will get, and the potential for successful investigation grows. Better than doing nothing!!

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Just join your club… Lesson learned. How is possible YouTube having this on adds, my site was, [LINK removed by @Zyroxa] Lost my savings, have to start Over.

Yes, lesson learned and starting over too, but, I’m not gonna just bend over and take this without a fight, and neither should anyone else posting here. I believe Coinfirm can and will be able to help, in the longer term, we just need more people to submit reclaim crypto request so they have more data re. the scammer transaction addresses and TxIDs to work with. Reporting this individually to local police won’t get us anywhere, but pooling our claims with Coinfirm will enhance our chances of ever seeing our coins again. One of their partners is Binance, the exchange I use, and that means Binance will adopt Coinfirms Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Framework, and someday, my coin might get detected and returned, cause I gave them the details for their investigation database, etc.

I’m trying to get Coinfirm to post a comment here to help turn my individual request into a group request, to add weight and raise the priority profile of the ADA scam cases; Again, to everyone on this thread who was scammed over Superbowl week-end, just submit a claim to Coinfirm to build up the case, and include a link to this chat; it’s better than local police and better than doing nothing.

@Zyroxa, I understand removing links, but the one to the youtube interview with Grant Blaisdell is not a scam video. Coinfirm is legit and will help change the industry for the better, Cardano should partner with them!

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Sorry @SSX0999

I didnt see the video and i was pretty sure it was a live scam podcast aswell.

I edited your post again.


@mike_taylor @Martin70

I apologize to everyone for approaching spam level of posting here (I’ll stop after this one…), but this is serious and scams need to stop; we should really pool our efforts if we ever hope to see anything back in the medium or long term. With crypto considered more and more as “property”, solutions to crypto theft will emerge soon, so there is something we can do to help the industry grow more secure. I invite you all to file a request with the Coinfirm “ReclaimCrypto” service. No, I have no affiliation with them, I don’t work for them, I just want my crypto back, even if I have to wait years, and this is the best option I can find for now.

Fabian, FYI, the following link is to a Coindesk article on the subject of this thread:

" Exclusively revealed to CoinDesk, Coinfirm has teamed up with global investigations firm Kroll, a division of consulting firm Duff & Phelps. The joint initiative being launched is called ReclaimCrypto, and combines the latest blockchain forensic techniques with the more established world of legal investigation and asset recovery. "

I’ll let forum admins chime in, but I think this should be posted on all other scam victim threads: true, we needed to learn this lesson, but our immediate pain could help others down the road. There’s nothing we can do now, but, these guys might be able to help us in the future, so it’s important to file claims now so they have our scammed coin transaction data for future analysis and possibly even recovery action. Cheers to all.

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I am going to submit a claim. Lost 11140 ada, would be amazing if one day I see some of it back but I’m not going to get my hopes up. Thanks for sharing


I was scamed in saturdau evning,and yesterdau i sen same scam on you tube and i report several times and they did not stoped the video.

Thank for the linck ,i report and hope for the best.

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I sumited the claim also, thank you

I also lost 10000 ada:(. What to do…??

I lost all of my ADA yesterday after watching multiple live streaming events on YouTube, featuring Charles Hoskinson with links to websites promising 100,000,000 ADA giveaway. The scam looked so real, showing what looked at the time like a genuine giveaway, but I learnt the hard way. I feel so bad sending all of my student savings to these scammers.

Worst part is that the site [LINK removed by @Zyroxa] is still up and running and I’m pretty sure other people are still falling for the trap.

I have reported the case to Coinfirm, hopefully they’ll look into it.

Scam running on youtube - It is disguised as a Livestream with Charles Hoskinson CEO of Input Output Hong Kong software development studio tasked with Cardano (ADA) blockchain. The advertises a supposed giveaway of the ADA Cardano cryptocurrency. You are supposed to go to [LINK removed by @Zyroxa] and send ADA Cardano cryptocurrency there to get double the amount back. They’re literally paying youtube to run their scams as an ad before videos

So I sent 26000ADA or nearly $26000 Using my Crypto exchange. My heart is broken… it took me so long to earn that money… I just got into Crypto a couple of weeks ago to make ends meet. It looked so real and because of the special announcement coming with Cardano this Month I thought it was a special way to spread the hype about the currency… I felt like a fool of fools… I can’t even look my wife in the face right now without crying!!! It is totally not right that Youtube can’t be held responsible in any way!!! If you ever want to sue Youtube or find some sort of justice count me in!!! email:

I fell for the same scam. I lost everything. I’ve been feeling dejected for the past two days.

People who get scammed could investigate with[LINK removed by @Zyroxa]

Registrant Contact Information:


ivan petrenko








State / Province


Postal Code







me too 20000ADA and it is Scam

They are again now at youtube. New domain name and new transmission. Fucking youtube, fucking scammers.

This just happened to me this morning. Sent 6000 ADA after transferring my life savings to jump at the opportunity. Realised that it was a fraud too late. Absolutely defeated. No idea how I’m going to fund the next year of my life now but, a lesson learned I guess. Will be submitting a claim to Confirm but I think that is all I can do