Cardano giveaway (there is no!)

This just happened to me this morning. Sent 6000 ADA after transferring my life savings to jump at the opportunity. Realised that it was a fraud too late. Absolutely defeated. No idea how I’m going to fund the next year of my life now but, a lesson learned I guess. Will be submitting a claim to Confirm but I think that is all I can do

I’ve just lost 22000 ADA, Is there any hope.

Evolution cannot work properly if the stupid survive as well.

Such comments are simply not necessary. Better try to educate the community instead of such posts.


Everyone, Please make sure we are always reporting these scammers anyway we can. If it’s on youtube flag them immediately. Make it as difficult as possible for them.


Report them!

Current givaway scam going on now under youtube channel “Cardano Foundation”. [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Using website [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

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Every scammer’s domain name is registered in . I reported domains to namecheap but they did nothing for ten days. Suspicious

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There is another new one

a "live one with a link to a polished website that is very phisy looking if you know what to look for
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Sorry for you man

Afraid not. Life isn’t perfect and we have to be responsible for our own actions. I fell victim to greed, the scammers tapped into that. I’m human so not perfect. Try to use the experience to help others.

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When l updated my wallet, 1 hour later l lost my wallet and it show zero. What should I do

Looks like the WHOIS varies depending on where IP is located (via caching).
Here is another WHOIS with another email address and contact info.
I recommend anyone who got scammed notify the FBI

WHOIS search results

Registrar URL: www namecheap com
Registrant Email: adriano.mckinshi @

Today lost 5000 Ada to this.

My transaction id 0a632803b96c67334269f5b5bb564170ad88f69942a7e2a59747ece0ff7f1b48

I feel so ashamed embarrassed and mad… it was just the perfect cocktail. Today just returned from holiday. Orders some food just chilling. And me proud of my gained Ada knowing of the tomorrow release at 1 march. I got a text from a friend telling their giving away free Ada. I checked the link and I was thinking strange. I thought this is ofcourse a action of the coming march release. And then when I did the transaction my normal thinking came back. And went quickly to the original cardano site and could not find anything about this price action. And the. I knew I totally messed up. For me 5000 Ada is alot to have lost. I’m afraid this will haunt me now.

My heart goes out to those who may have lost ADA. I have to admit, the scam had me hooked initially. But on the website, the numbers didn’t look right. First, giving away 100MM ADA seemed a bit hard to believe. And, when a new “giveaway” transaction posted, the “giveaway” clock never advanced, even after refreshing my browser. Then, looking closer at posted transactions, the “bonus” eligible level entries got their 2X but not their bonus.

Perfect storm with the normal chaos of kids and cooking dinner and my brother shoots me a video of Charles talking and ada liquidation event that brother is pumped about so inbetween kids and cooking threw 20000 ada thinking awesome I got in real quick before it closed. Then sit down to eat and look to see my profit and realize the site seems off, amount is never changing, the deposits in fluctuate up and down around same amounts, and the timing was off. This is a huge hit to a slowly built stack of ada that I should have realized was to good to be true. Is there any pursuing hoping to find those behind and get money returned to rightful owners? Obviously learned a very expensive lesson but looking to see if there is a process I could possibly pursue to get it back? Any help would be awesome

Lost 5200 Ada all my ada after cryptsy stole my 6btc I thought this will never happen again but holy … I did it again :frowning: and the youtube vid is still online!!! Why? I made several complaints and found the … f who is hosting the domains. But even those domains are still up and down and up and down.

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Please report the video!

I reported. Website is still up and running as well. Unfortunately feels little we can do. I filed a complaint and internet criminal charges with fbi but see if it goes anywhere.

I’ve decided to let it go. It’s a mark in my life which ofcourse I will never forget. For me the 5000 Ada was my gains in from 1 month trading. Didn’t lose my initial investment. For myself I can only see that I was so bullish for cardano and making so much profit in a short period that I really turned in a Ada fan. Looking forward for the mary hard fork release etc so when a friend send me the link for this Ada giveaway my normal rational thinking was gone. I really thought to act quickly and that it was a quicky easy profit… never in my life I’ve made such a big transaction without clearly checking everything from top to bottom. And here I just acted in withing couple min I did it. And then after I did it. I went to the official cardano main page and didn’t see anything about a giveaway. And then I knew immediately I was scammed. It’s the first time in my life such a thing happens to me. Just the combination of extremely positive about Ada, big gains in short period hyping Ada to friends. And the timing of receiving the message from a friend I was absolutely tired. I was acting like a zombie.

So basically I can go to the police and spend alot of negative energy in trying to get something back which I sent to them in greed and naivety. Or just see it as a very expensive lesson and continue on with life. My portfolio got a hit but ofcourse Ada is not my only crypto. BTC and Ethereum still rising and I will recover from the 5000 Ada. But I’m not gonna allow this scam to take over my life. This will never happen to me again.

please spread the word and also help by mass reporting

These 2 channels are scams with comments removed to stop people alerting about the scam giveaway

both of these ARE SCAMS restreaming Charles Hoskinsons old streams on continuous loop.